Tips from Instagramer: Sveta Damiani

What was your favourite moment in Munich, Sveta Damiani?

Many Instagramers come to Munich every year and portray the magic of the city through videos, articles and photos. We’ve asked some of them to respond to a questionnaire so we can get an insight into their creative work and find out what they love about Munich. This time: Sveta Damiani, a content creator from Chicago, Illinois.

How had you imagined Munich before your visit?

I always associated Munich with Oktoberfest and was expecting to see a traditional Bavarian city.

And how did it turn out to be?

I found Munich to be a very vibrant city with many cultural and historic landmarks, a rich culinary and art scene, and an abundance of exciting things to do.

What did you like best?

I liked how compact Munich is! I barely needed to use public transportation and could walk almost anywhere. By the end of my trip, I had walked the same streets so many times that I didn’t even need to use navigation. Munich starts feeling like home very fast!

What was your most beautiful encounter?

Meeting Christian Loferer, a horn player in the Bayerische Staatsoper (opera), and listening to him play!

What was the most interesting place?

That would be Eisbachwelle. Having this popular surfing spot on a river in the heart of the city is truly special and unique. I remember being mesmerized by the surfers and thinking I could watch them forever!

What was the tastiest food? The best drink?

The best thing I ate in Munich was the bread from Julius Brantner bread manufactory. I have no words to describe it and only wish I could have it every single day of my life!

Besides all the local beer, the best drink was the Stone cocktail I had at Ory Bar. It was served in a glass filled with stones from one of the Munich rivers. Both the cocktail and the presentation were phenomenal!

What was your favourite moment?

One of my favorite moments was exploring Nymphenburg Palace gardens at sunset. This place felt so peaceful. And all the fall colors looked especially vibrant in the golden light.

What did you learn?

After exploring the Schlachthofviertel district, I learned that Munich actually has a vibrant underground culture. I feel like not a lot of people know about it!

What did you take from your visit?

Lots of pictures, unforgettable memories, and a strong desire to come back!

You can give your friends three tips for a trip to Munich – where do you tell them to go?

Go biking around the English Garden. It will make you feel like a local. Grab coffee from a local specialty coffee shop, and go on an early morning walk. Venture out to various neighborhoods. Munich is so much more than just the Old Town!

What do you want to do on your next visit?

I really enjoyed my tour of the Bavarian State Opera. Next time I’m in Munich, I’m hoping to actually attend one of the performances! I also want to visit Munch during the holidays and experience its magnificent Christmas markets.

Which photo of Munich got the best response from your followers?

My followers are fans of seasonal content so they really liked all the fall shots I posted. Munich looks so charming covered in red and yellow leaves!

And which photo do you personally like the most? Why?

The photo from my early morning walk around Hofgarten was my favorite. It was foggy and the park looked so mysterious!

And last but not least: What do you think people from Munich mean when they say Busserl? Any ideas?

One of my tour guides actually mentioned this. It means “kiss." That's how people in Munich greet each other, right?

That's right! In Bavarian, Busserl stands for a short kiss.

3 questions about Sveta Damiani's work

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a content creator based in Chicago, Illinois. You can find me on Instagram @sdamiani. Luckily for me, my love for photography and social media has become more than just a hobby. I’ve been working with many brands, creating visual content for them, and enhancing their online presence. When I’m not traveling, you’ll find me wandering around Chicago, drinking coffee, and dreaming of my next adventure.

Where do you get inspiration for your work?

I find inspiration in the little things. It can be perfect latte art, sunlight in my apartment, a beautifully presented meal, a cozy-looking cafe corner, or a number of other things. Noticing and capturing these details brings me so much joy!

What’s the biggest challenge in your job?

I have to wear so many hats at once, and that can be overwhelming at times. I’m still learning to balance work and personal life and take proper time off.



Photos: Sveta Damiani


The City of Munich is also affected by the nationwide measures to contain the coronavirus. The good news: hotels and accommodation establishments, indoor and outdoor gastronomy and shops are open. But there are some restrictions. All other important information about the coronavirus and your stay in Munich can be found here.