Tips from influencers: Nina Zasche

What did you like the most, Nina Zasche?

Many influencers come to Munich and portray the magic of the city through videos, articles and photos. We’ve asked some of them to respond to a questionnaire so we can get an insight into their creative work and find out what they love about Munich. This time: Nina Zasche from Munich, the blog author of Good Morning World about her holiday in her own city.

What did you like best?

Experiencing my hometown from a completely different perspective and also strolling through areas I would never have visited otherwise.

What was the most interesting place?

Cowboy Club München in Thalkirchen. It was established in 1913, and it offers an authentic journey into the thrilling world of the Wild West – it’s almost like a perfectly staged film set!

The tastiest food? The best drink?

Hmm, I have so many favourite restaurants in Munich! Whether you want aromatic Greek cuisine, tasty sushi, hearty Alpine cheese dumplings in a beer garden or delicious original New York-style cheesecake in the Werksviertel area, in Munich you can feast on the whole world!

Although I am not a lover of beer, I did develop a taste for Radler* on hot days this year. I find it wonderfully refreshing, and the perfect blend of bitter and sweet.


*a type of shandy made from beer mixed with a lemon-and-lime flavoured soft drink

What was the best moment?

Watching the sun go down behind the fairytale Schloss Nymphenburg (Nymphenburg Palace), and enjoying an atmosphere that was so magical it quickly makes you forget the stresses of the day!

What did you learn?

I learned that a surprising number of countries are represented within the city borders, and you don’t need to travel far at all to satisfy your wanderlust.

What three recommendations would you give a friend visiting Munich?

Go to the Alter Peter church for the best view of the histo ric cit y centre, the Thai Pagoda (Thailändische Pagode) in the Westpark for some authentic Asian flair and then into one of the many traditional or alternative beer gardens, where you can experience Bavaria’s most delicious side.

Is there anything else you would really like to do in Munich?

I would love to experience a bird’s-eye view of Munich – either on a sightseeing flight or an airship trip.

Which photo of Munich got the best response from your followers?

The photo of Odeonsplatz that I took early on a Sunday morning.

And which is your favourite photo? Why?

The photos I took in the Werksviertel. Bright colours and cool street art just put you in a good mood!

What is your personal tip for taking the perfect holiday photo?

Staged photos are not always the best ones. That is why you should take a lot of pictures at a time – you might just capture the perfect, natural smile as a gust of wind lifts your skirt a little, for example.

And what are your top three travel tips?

Read up on blogs and Instagram about picturesque spots and cool restaurants before you go, but you should also allow yourself time to just drift around. I also always try to get chatting to locals. They often have the best tips, and can help you to form a personal, and as such stronger, relationship with the place.


3 questions about Nina Zasche’s work

Who are you and what do you do?

I was born in Allgäu, and I have been living and working as a freelancer in the Schwabing district of Munich for many years now. In our blog, my friend Melanie and I take readers on exciting journeys around our beautiful world, giving them valuable tips for seeking out really special, authentic experiences and moments so unforgettable you’ll have goosebumps!

Where do you get inspiration for your work?

From travel documentaries, other travel bloggers, our readers, my friends and of course, Instagram. Sometimes though, I just look at a map of the world and think about which places I would like to see and get to know better. Then I look for pictures on the internet and suddenly, I have found a new destination to add to my bucket list!

What is the greatest challenge in your work?

Always remembering to stop and mindfully enjoy the moment while juggling between taking photos or videos and taking notes for the article I am working on.

Thank you, Nina!



Photos: Nina Zasche


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