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What will you take home from Munich, Katrin Lehr?

Many influencers come to Munich every year and portray the magic of the city through videos, articles and photos. We’ve asked some of them to respond to a questionnaire so we can get an insight into their creative work and find out what they love about Munich. This time: Katrin Lehr from Heilbronn, a full-time travel blogger who runs the website.

How did you imagine Munich before you came here?

As I already know Munich pretty well from previous visits, it was great for me to be able to discover a few new places this time. To be honest, I didn’t like Munich much until about 2-3 years ago. It was only 2-3 years ago that I “really” discovered and learned to love Munich.

And what was the reality?

I like Munich more and more with every visit. The city is so green, you don’t feel like you’re in a city at all – yet you still have all the conveniences a large city has to offer. I loved the fragrance of the roses and the tranquillity in Rosengarten (park), the spectacular art in the Lenbachhaus art gallery and the MUCA, and of course cycling across the city on the north-south passage route. I also found the Stadtalm nature project in Werksviertel-Mitte amazing. You don’t expect to find something like that in a city. I really like it here – it’s great!

What did you like best?

Everything, really. I love street art so I found the tour and the MUCA with its amazing collection simply wonderful. Cycling along the Isar river is a highlight that nobody should miss out on, as is Rosengarten park. It is a beautiful, peaceful oasis right in the heart of the city.

What was the most interesting place?

I found Werksviertel-Mitte very interesting, as it is a privately owned area that is a little city within a city. It was great to see the real focus on sustainability there as well as the tangible feelgood factor for everyone. It is an interesting concept to use spaces that are lying empty, as happens here with the Container Collective or a street art festival. Many cities could learn from this approach.

The tastiest food? The best drink?

The best food was at Blitz Restaurant. Vegan and vegetarian Mexican fare – simply delicious! And I continue to enjoy the bread and bread rolls from Julius Brantner (I still have a supply of them in the freezer).

What was your favourite encounter?

I absolutely loved my chat with Stefanie Utz from MUCA and was inspired by her enormous passion for urban and street art. The projects she and her husband undertake independently are really impressive. But actually, all of my encounters were lovely.

What was the best moment?

The delicious tasting tour of the Viktualienmarkt (market). I love to eat well and the Viktualienmarkt is known for having great food. I relished every single sample I tasted.

What did you learn?

That it’s worth exploring every district of Munich more closely. The Werksviertel-Mitte area beside Ostbahnhof train station is an exciting neighbourhood – a developing, modern area that encompasses everything you need for living. It’s a rather exciting place that I will definitely visit again soon.

What did you take home with you?

Lots of new impressions and a steadily growing love for the city of Munich! It’s always worth seeking out urban adventures and exploring places that are a little off the beaten track. There’s less hustle and bustle and it’s much more relaxed.

What three recommendations would you give a friend visiting Munich?

First, I would tell them to go to Werksviertel-Mitte to get an understanding of the philosophy there. Then they should head to the Brothandwerk Julius Brantner artisan bakery – after all, a hearty breakfast with some good bread or bread rolls is the best start to any day. If the weather was good, I would send my friend out on a cycle along the north-south passage. I would tell them where they could enjoy a good coffee in peace before stopping at Rosengarten (park). On a nice day they could relax right on the banks of the Isar. Okay, that was more than 3 tips – and I have at least 3 x 3 more!

What do you definitely want to do next time you visit?

I’d love to explore the east-west passage.

Which is your favourite photo? Why?

The sheep with the Ferris wheel in the background. Honestly, I just like it – I leave it to others to interpret art and photographs.

What is your personal tip for taking the perfect holiday photo?

I don’t take holidays, I travel. The best tip: keep your camera down every now and then and just enjoy the moment.

And what are your top three travel tips?

Be curious, have a healthy amount of common sense, don’t plan too much and turn down those narrow little lanes from time to time (always in cities, not necessarily in more remote areas)

Finally: what do you think Munich locals mean when they use the Bavarian term “Schmoizla”? Do you have any idea?

I have a few Bavarian friends, so I know: it means snuff.

3 questions about Katrin Lehr’s work

Who are you and what do you do?

I have been writing about my adventures, city trips and road trips on my blog,, since 2013. Six years ago, I dared to do a thing many only dream of: I made my hobby my career and handed in my notice at a well-paid agency job. Since then I have been travelling the world more slowly and for longer periods. I want my travel stories to elicit itchy feet and wanderlust, and to encourage people to travel through the world with open eyes and also discover unfamiliar regions on their own initiative.

Where do you get inspiration for your work?

From magazines, illustrated books, documentaries, literature about countries that interest me and tips from friends. There is no shortage of sources. I am actually trying to look at fewer travel magazines and documentaries, because I only have limited time to travel! The world is simply too big (and I would like to be able to see and explore every corner of it).

What is the greatest challenge in your work?

Things never get boring in my line of work – I am a bit of an all-rounder, or an “eierlegende Wollmilchsau” (egg-laying wool-milk sow) as we say in German. I really like that about it, as it never gets dull. The greatest challenge for me is my monthly bookkeeping – my accountant sometimes gets a bit exasperated when I am unreachable all day.

Thank you, Katrin!



Photos: Katrin Lehr


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