Questionnaire: Maike Menzel

What does Munich taste like, Mrs. Menzel?

Munich is shaped by extraordinary women. In our questionnaire we would like to introduce a few of them. This time: the chef Maike Menzel. She has been the chef in the “Schwarzreiter” restaurant since August 2018. The star chef has been on maternity leave since mid-February 2021.

Were you born in Munich or did you move here?
I was born in Neuss and moved to Lake Ammersee as a child.

In which district are you at home?
I live in Schwabing.

What does Munich taste like?
Like fresh products from the Viktualienmarkt (food market), Leberkäse and Weißwurst (white sausages). Of lovely strong spices such as caraway and coriander in farmhouse bread, a refreshing shandy in the beer garden or a fresh coffee from the Munich coffee roasting house.

What does Munich sound like?
The tinkling of the trams, the clinking of beer mugs when people toast each other in beer gardens, the glockenspiel in the Münchner Rathaus (Munich Town Hall).

What does Munich smell like?
Like freshly baked pretzels or roasted almonds in winter at the markets.

Munich is the only city where ...
... people climb stairs on the escalators on the left-hand side but stand on them on the right-hand side.

Which Munich lady should everyone know?
The comedienne Liesl Karlstadt. There is also a statue of her in the Viktualienmarkt.

Your favourite Bavarian word?
“Diridari”. It means money or small change.

The most attractive building in the city?
The Maximilianeum (palatial building whose construction was initiated by King Maximilian II of Bavaria) on the River Isar.

The catchiest Munich song?
“Schickeria” by the Spider Murphy Gang.

Isar or Eisbach?
Either or, I have no particular preference here.

Beer garden or bar?
A bar. It is the cosy living room feeling that I prefer – with great drinks!

Philharmonic orchestra or brass band music?
I still haven’t been to hear the philharmonic orchestra in the Gasteig (centre of cultural life in Munich). It is definitely worth a visit though the next time I get a chance.

A weekend in the mountains or by the lake?
I like being in the mountains very much.

The best place in Munich to impress visitors?
It is best just to take a stroll through our beautiful city centre.

What is the best place in Munich for an after-work beer?
The Lux Bar in the Altstadt (old town).

The best place in Munich for a romantic date?
The “Esszimmer” restaurant in the BMW Welt (BMW World).

The best place in Munich to think?
The Viktualienmarkt (food market).

The best place in Munich for music lovers?

The best place in Munich to experience culture?
The Pinakotheques (art galleries).

The best place in Munich if you are longing for Italy?
The “Enzo” pizzeria.


Interview with Maike Menzel: “Respect for food is important to me”

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Photos: Frank Stolle, Jörg Lutz


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