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If you go hungry in Munich, you only have yourself to blame. The culinary diversity of the city is reflected not only in its award-winning kitchens, but also in the host of new snack bars in individual neighbourhoods. Here is a selection of the options on offer:



Fräulein Müller, Gunezrainerstrasse 6

Old Schwabing resident meets air-kissing floozy meets student – and they all get served. In the small kiosk at the Englischer Garten (English Garden) you sometimes only drinks a soda or a quick beer, but also gets high class breakfast like avocado bread served with fried egg. Really nice: the sun loungers in the sand.


Alles Wurscht, Nicolaiplatz 3

In the illustrious Schwabing district, even the fast food restaurants eschew cardboard – here, chips, sauerkraut and the self-proclaimed “best currywurst south of the weisswurst equator” are served on porcelain. In summer, sit on colourful chairs under blossoming magnolia trees in the little beer garden, as you sip one of the house cocktails, such as a Schwabing Mule with gin.


Royal Healthy Slices, Hohenzollernplatz 4

Owner Herakles and his mom sell Georgian-Greek delicacies right on Hohenzollernplatz out a little window. In addition to changing lunch dishes are also a few classics on the menu: Lasagna, Cretan oven vegetables with feta or khajapuri, a baked cheese sandwich from Georgia. Everything is homemade, freshly cooked and delicious - just like the vegan cake selection for afterwards.



Orangebox, Türkenstrasse 61

On Netflix, “Orange is the New Black” – and in Munich’s Maxvorstadt district, Orange is a place where mixed salads, roasted pitta breads and toasted sandwiches are packed into boxes. For those who cannot live without the matcha chocolate and banana cake – boxes can be piled pretty high.


Pommes Boutique, Amalienstrasse 46

The Belgians cook their “fat friends” twice, and so you needn’t think twice before picking up a bag of Belgian fries and adding one of the 20 dips on offer at the condiment station – from the classic “rot-weiß”(“red-white”, meaning ketchup and mayonnaise) to the extra-spicy Samurai dip. However, if you do still find yourself thinking twice: you could always go for Rohkoststicks – raw vegetarian sticks, which are not deep fried.


Sim Sim, Augustenstraße 74

Where you can get the best falafel in the city? There is always a lot of hot talk, but Sim Sim's comes very close. The dough is shaped after pouring into small balls and thrown into the hot fat, on the delicious sandwich are also fresh vegetables, the homemade sauce and mint.



Pferdemetzgerei Wörle, Viktualienmarkt 3

Kaspar Wörle’s door is emblazoned with the motto: “Genier dich nicht, tritt ruhig ein; das Pferd ist reiner als das Schwein” (“Do not fret – come on in now; the horse is cleaner than the sow”). Of course, horse meat is not for everyone, and yet: the hot horse meat knackwurst tastes so great, you’re sure to make a pig of yourself! Even Munich’s VIPs agree!


Ida’s Milchladen, Kreuzstrasse 23

It’s not easy to squeeze in through the blue metal door – this family-run shop in the Sendlinger Tor area is tiny, and every day at noon, queues of schoolchildren and suit-wearers alike form at the counter. Luckily, there’s plenty for everyone: the display window is piled high with meatballs and spelt grain patties, fresh salads, wraps, mini-quiches, pasta, desserts and cakes.


Milchhäusl, Königinstrasse 6

After the Second World War, milk and bread were distributed here to starving Schwabing residents – and now, empty bellies are filled with 100 percent organic fast food: sweet “Zuzler” (Weisswurst), rich “Resi” (organic meatloaf rolls), red “Wolpi” (organic sausages) and WinterÄxel (poppy seed punch). Patrons can order organic gummy bears, and the bell is rung for anyone who tips the staff.


Fräulein Grüneis, Lerchenfeldstrasse 1a

The green and white snack bar near the Eisbachwelle has absolutely nothing in common with the former ladies’ toilets that once stood on its site. Nowadays, nothing gets flushed away here – instead, everything is savoured: rice pudding and muesli for breakfast, homemade cakes, organic lemonade, mouthwatering brownies and sandwiches.



Make Falafel Not War, Kapuzinerstrasse 2

Falafel for peace – wouldn’t it be great? Back in Syria, Salah Nchasi’s falafel stand was destroyed by the police. But fortunately, he saved his family recipe for chickpea batter with cumin, cloves, chillies, coriander, caraway seed and allspice and brought it with him to Munich's Ludwigsvorstadt. He also serves classic Middle Eastern foods such as hummus, tabbouleh and baba ganoush.


Herzblut - Die Sandwichmacherei, Goethestrasse 36

This sandwich bar near Munich’s Hauptbahnhof (main train station) does not open for long, but that just means you can be even more sure everything is perfectly fresh: market salads, rice pudding, gazpacho, and sandwiches spread with an ever-changing procession of new combinations: pulled pork and cabbage, bresaola (dried, salted beef) antipasti, peppadew cream cheese. Or if you prefer, you can simply opt for the bog standard sausage and cheese roll!


Zum Würstelkönig, Lindwurmstraße 77

A legend in Munich: Since 1988, the Würstelkönig at Goetheplatz sells its grilled sandwiches and Salzburg's Bosna – both with the mysterious century sauce whose recipe is only known to the owner. The store has very sporadic opening hours, but as soon as the door is open, you should go in – whether you are hungry or not.



Lezizel Manti, Corneliusstrasse 6

Four steps to the “Dish of the Sultans”: first, choose your manti (Turkish dough pockets with a beef or vegan filling), then crown it with sauce (tomato, yoghurt), add toppings (spinach, mango chutney, truffle cream, walnuts, etc.) and finally, select a suitable accompaniment (carrot salad, mint tea, baklava). Majestic.


Gute Nacht Wurst, Klenzestrasse 32

The later the sausage, the better the party – or something like that. The Gute Nacht currywurst is excellent food for comfort eating. You can even decide how spicy the sauce should be, depending on the extent of your digestive powers. If you really want to know how spicy you can take it, you can pay 10 euros to enter a competition and abuse your poor stomach for a chance to win 100 euros. Once you reach “Exitus” level (2 million Scoville units), you will certainly be feeling the burn!


Bazi’s Schlemmerkucherl, Müllerstrasse 43

It doesn’t matter that it’s not true-blue Bavarians packing the Bazi boxes with roast pork and crackling, red cabbage and mini-dumplings at Bazi’s, but rather a Persian and an Iranian: no cantankerous Urbayer (typical Bavarian) has ever dared to produce Bavarian fast food, such as Entengröstl (duck hash, a bubble and squeak-style dish made of leftover meat, potatoes and onion, sautéed in a pan with bacon) with corn flatbread.


Little Daruma, Rumfordstraße 7

The Temaki roll is, like a classic sushi roll, made out of rice and nori leaves, but it's shaped like a bag, making it perfect for on the go. In the Little Daruma these roles are filled with crab, wasabi cream, truffle pepper or yellowfin mackerel.



Fisch Häusl, Markt am Wiener Platz

A little more seaweed in your fish soup? Absolutely! The bar tables belonging to this small market stall in Wiener Platz are packed with people at midday. If you manage to bag a spot, a glass of Pinot Blanc is the perfect accompaniment to grilled squid, octopus salad, soused herring (Matjes) and herring.


Pizzesco, Rosenheimer Strasse 12

At this little Italian, rectangles of pizza are made by the metre so as not to hold up the lively street trade. Here, customers can munch classics such as Prosciutto e Funghi, Salami, but also potato truffles as they sit outside at tables decorated in green, white and red. Gluten- and lactose-free pizzas are also available.


Henry hat Hunger, Zeppelinstrasse 27

There are precious few snack bars in the Au district of Munich – lucky, then, that Henry and his empty belly have stumbled into the place. Where, between Mariahilfplatz and Isar, can we discover Tramezzini, Panini and thickly spread sandwiches? Hunger!


Türkitch, Humboldtstrasse 20

Here, even confirmed carnivores enjoy eating vegetarian for a change – the antipasti burger, halloumi dürüm and falafel sandwiches really are that good. Though the term “special sauce” creates rather a disreputable image, the classic kebab is spread with fresh mint rather than the foreign red cabbage. Just don’t call it a kebab shop!


The phrase “to go” takes on a completely new meaning here – before you can savour the delicacies of Munich’s food trucks, you will first need to chase after these kitchens on wheels. But it’s worth it!


Grillin’ me softly – authentic American burgers cruising through Munich

Isardogs – Gourmet hot dogs instead of “not a sausage”

Die intolerante Isi – one for all food intolerances (wheat-free, gluten-free, milk-free, low fructose, vegan)

Curry O City – spicy curries from the hot clay oven

Was Gscheidz! – Vegan fare that comes to you

MioMio – Calzone from here



Text: Nansen & Piccard; Photos: Frank Stolle


Holidays in Munich are finally possible again! Hotels and guesthouses can welcome guests again, museums and galleries are open, guided tours are possible, and gastronomy is allowed to serve guests inside and outside. Strict hygiene regulations apply to all attractions and service providers. All important information about the coronavirus and your stay in Munich can be found here. See you soon in Munich!