People who breakfast

Avocado bread and Weisswurst

Going out for breakfast is something of a regional sport in Munich, so it's no surprise that you truly do meet every cross-section of society in the cafés – the newly loved-up couple, the loner seeking some peace and the best friends. Where they go, what they order, how to spot them: each has their own profile.

They newly loved-up couple

How to spot them: from their personal serving trolley or tiered stand on the table
Why they go out or breakfast: their romantic Airbnb unfortunately doesn't do room service
What they order: "Liebelei für zwei" or "Wolkenlos und Endlos" (typical sharing dishes) with prawn cocktail and smoked salmon
And to drink: Champagne, Prosecco, Sekt – as long as it's sparkling
Where you'll see them: The Victorian House, Café Glockenspiel or Café Fräulein
What you'll hear them say: "No thank you, we don't need another spoon!"
What they do after breakfast: rush back to bed


The best friends

How to spot them: they start laughing out loud as soon as they wake up
Why they go out for breakfast: because it's the best place to take great Instagram photos
What they order: avocado bread, chia pudding, açaí bowl
And to drink: cold-pressed Green Smoothie
Where you'll see them: Mary's Coffee ClubCafé Franca and Ooh Baby I Like It Raw
What you'll hear them say: "How long have you been engaged for?"
What they do after breakfast: Shopping!

The loner seeking some peace

How to spot him: newspaper, book, cigarette
Why he goes out for breakfast: you're less alone among people
What he orders: French breakfast – croissant and a cappuccino
And to drink: another double espresso
Where you'll see him: Morso, Lollo Rosso or Café Gollier
What you'll hear him say: "Can I get the bill, please!"
What he does after breakfast: loses himself in thought by wandering through the district


The tired hangover breakfasters

How to spot them: sunglasses on, a stamp on their wrist
Why they go out for breakfast: slept in past hotel breakfast
What they order: Weisswurst (traditional Bavarian veal sausage), ham and eggs, eggs Benedict – anything as long as it's hot and greasy
And to drink: Spezi (a mix of Fanta and Coke) or a hair of the dog
Where you'll see them: Zum Laden, Gaststätte Grossmarkthalle, Trachtenvogl
What you'll hear them say: "Can I get guacamole and bacon with the olives and feta scrambled eggs?"
What they do after breakfast: buy Schmalznudeln (deep-fried dessert) at the Café Frischhut


The busy businessman 

How to spot him: wireless earphones and hand baggage-sized hard shell suitcase
Why he goes out for breakfast: the hotel doesn't serve breakfast until 8.30am
What he orders: Continental breakfast
And to drink: Cappuccino at €5.40 – the company's paying
Where you'll see him: Schumann's Tagesbar, Bar Centrale or Bayerischer Hof
What you'll hear him say: "Hey, I have an important conference call in a minute!"
What he does after breakfast: asks for the receipt

The young family

How to spot them: carrier bags, bags under their eyes, full plates
Why they go out for breakfast: because they've been up since 6.00am thanks to the kids.
What they order: pancakes and porridge
And to drink: two large latte macchiato
Where you'll see them: in Haidhausen district or in the play area – White Rabbit's Room, Preysinggarten or La Sophia
What you'll hear them say: "Nepomuk, let's get you in your high-chair!"
What they do after breakfast: stroll along the Isar river with the buggy


The stressed student

How to spot him: a big pile of books
Why he goes out for breakfast: between uni and his part-time job, he didn't have time to get to the supermarket
What he orders: student breakfast with a bread roll, jam, boiled egg and a coffee for €3.90
And to drink: tap water
Where you'll see him: Café am Beethovenplatz, Ümis CaféBenko Café
What you'll hear him say: "Do you have Wi-Fi here?"
What he does after breakfast: heads straight to the library



Text: Anja Schauberger; Photos: Frank Stolle


The City of Munich is also affected by the nationwide measures to contain the coronavirus. The good news: hotels and accommodation establishments, indoor and outdoor gastronomy and shops are open again. All other important information about the coronavirus and your stay in Munich can be found here.