Ice cream shops

Ice Ice Baby!

White chocolate, wild berries, lemon basil or pistachio? In Munich there are as many ice cream shops as there are different tastes. We have tried our hand and found the right places for the daring, vegans and those who simply want a classic scoop of strawberry.

The stylish one: Gecobli

In the heart of the student district you can find the perhaps most stylish ice cream parlour in the city. The black waffle which is refined with coconut charcoal and spices is not only pretty to look at, but the range of dairy ice-cream and many sorbets are especially tasty as well – all of which are lovingly handmade, completely naturally and without additives. So there's more to this instagram-suitable store than just a good photo for holiday memories. With the ice cream in your hand, you can then wonderfully stroll along the busy Schellingstraße and look into the shop windows of many small boutiques.

Gecobli, Schellingstraße 15

Also tasty: Eis Wilhelm, Lenbachplatz 7

The classic one: Eiscafé Italia

Only a short walk away from the art district is the inconspicuous looking Eiscafé Italia. When you enter this ice cream parlour, the somewhat dusty furniture and the Italian motifs on the walls make you feel nostalgically transported to the land of pasta, gelato and amore. Homemade and unbelieveably creamy ice cream is offered here, the Italian owners stick to classic varieties such as Bacia, Amarena and Pistachio. If you're hungry, you can eat a delicious pasta and have a glass of wine with it - that's what Italy feels like, right in the middle of Munich.

Eiscafé Italia, Augustenstraße 85

Also tasty: Sarcletti Eiscafé, Nymphenburger Straße 155; Bayerische Eismanufaktur, Oettingenstraße 42a


The natural one: True & 12

Not far from the Deutsches Museum you find the tiny ice cream shop True & 12, which - as the name suggests - only offers twelve varieties at a time, all of them so delicious and unusual that it is still hard to choose. The ice-cream manufacturer uses only fresh organic milk, produced regionally and fairly. In addition, it does not use prefabricated base mixes in the composition of the ingredients. Transparency, authenticity and the love of Munich are most important to the owners. This is also how the flavour "Haidhausen", named after the district where True & 12 is located, was created. And how does this piece of home taste? Like lavender with a strudel of blackberries.

True & 12 Handmade Icecream, Rosenheimer Straße 14

Also tasty: Gelato Naturale, Adlzreiterstraße 1; BARTU Bio-Eismanufaktur, Wilhelmstraße 23

The famous one: Ballabeni

If there is one ice cream parlour everyone in Munich knows about, it is Ballabeni which is directly opposite the Brandhorst Museum. It is not only known for its delicious flavours such as dark chocolate or refreshing lemon basil, but above all for the small tasting portion: people always get asked which flavour they would like to nibble on in addition to their order - a perfect solution for those who can't make up their mind. And the Ballabeni is also known for something else: the long queue at the door. If you don't want to stand in line, you can get the same ice cream at Jessas in the Glockenbachviertel, at Punto G. Gelato in the Westend or at the Ballabeni factory in Seidlstraße 28.

Ballabeni Stammhaus, Theresienstraße 46

Also tasty: del fiore, Gärtnerplatz 1 (several parlours)

The vegan one: Ice Date

With many ice cream shops vegans have to fall back on the offered sorbets, since only these are made without using dairy. Ice Date does it all differently and, in addition to its sorbets such as fresh mango, only offers flavors that are made with nuts instead of milk. How about coffee, nougat or wild berries? By the way, everything is sweetened not with sugar but with dates, but don't worry: the ice cream does not taste as healthy as it actually is. And don't forget that all flavours are gluten-free.

Ice Date, Amalienstraße 91

Also tasty: Eiscafé Eismeer, Pestalozzistraße 21

The original one: Der verrückte Eismacher

The name ("The crazy ice-maker") reveals that the cylinder-wearing ice-maker's own creations are exceptional flavours. It is not unusual for curious people to queue up to try the well-known Weißwurst (white sausage) ice cream, but there are also many other varieties for which you don't have to be so daring. How do doughnuts, green apple lychee and chai latte ginger sound? You should be open and willing to try them, since most people like them, after all, the ever-changing flavours have already won several awards. There are now three branches: the oldest in Maxvorstadt has been joined by one directly at Viktualienmarkt and one in the Glockenbachviertel.

Der verrückte Eismacher, Fraunhoferstraße 42

Also tasty: Fizzy Bubele, Elisabethmarkt Stand 3


The secret one: Trampolin Eiscafé

In the middle of Schwabing and only a stone's throw away from Hohenzollernstraße you will find the small but very fine ice cream shop of the Santini family. Colourful seating, playful ice cream varieties such as saffron cream with dried apricots and handmade ice cream on a stick await you here. Mingle with the neighbours who won't give away their regular ice cream parlour, enjoy some extraordinary flavours and be glad you have us whispering to you the secret tip of the city.

Trampolin Eiscafé, Nordendstraße 62

Also tasty: ARTEfredda, Tegernseer Landstraße 38



Text: Anika Landsteiner, Anja Schauberger; Photos: Frank Stolle


The City of Munich is also affected by the nationwide measures to contain the coronavirus. The good news: hotels and accommodation establishments, indoor and outdoor gastronomy and shops are open again. All other important information about the coronavirus and your stay in Munich can be found here.