Falk's Bar

A drink in a fabulous ambience

The world meets here in Munich: the multi-award-winning Falk's Bar in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof is an architectural gem. The cocktails and service on offer match the fabulous atmosphere perfectly.

Guests enter the bar’s 1839 historical hall of mirrors, and are immediately transfixed by the interior, which on first glance is reminiscent of a drawing room in a mansion from a previous era.

With its richly decorated stuccoed ceiling and the alternating colours of the glazed counter, a successful union of the traditional with the modern has made Falk's Bar an exceptional meeting place on the Munich nightlife scene.

Falk Volkhardt inherited the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, and by some miracle he found its hall of mirrors almost untouched under the rubble of the Second World War. In the autumn of 1945 he opened Munich’s first dining hall here.

In 2002, the current hotel owner, Innegrit Volkhardt, decided to construct the new hotel bar in the ostentatious mirror room, and to name it Falk’s Bar after her father.




Photo: Daniel Schvarcz


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