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July: Kocherlball & fireworks

In july, the best way to spend the day in Munich is outdoors: very early in the morning at the traditional Kocherlball, at the open-air classical music concert on Odeonsplatz and at the popular Midsummer Night's Dream fireworks display in the Olympic Park.

Events in July 2020: Typically Munich


Folk dance "Kocherlball"

19.7.2020, 6 to 10 a.m.
English Garden, Chinese Tower

Open Air "Midsummer Night's Dream" with fireworks

Olympic Park

Concert by "Haindling"

Tollwood, Olympic Park


Top events in July 2020


Street party for the CSD - Christopher Street Day

Marienplatz and Glockenbachviertel


"Classics at Odeonsplatz"



Events for romantics

Summer open air of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

23/24.7.2020 and 6/12/15.8.2020
Nymphenburg Castle


What else happens in Munich in July:


Hollywood comes to the Olympic park – at the open-air cinema

Enjoying the beautiful summer sunshine while watching a film at the same time? The two don’t quite seem to match up. Unless you’re at an outdoor showing of course. Munich has several open-air cinemas including the Frischluftkino des Eine-Welt-Hauses or Kino, Mond und Sterne in Westpark. However, the city’s most famous and popular open-air cinema is found in the Olympic park. Kino am Olympiasee (Cinema at the Olympic Lake) is also the only one to include 3D films in its programme. Deck chairs replace cinema seats and couples can snuggle up in the “love seats”, extra-wide deck chairs. They all provide an ideal view of the 4K screen and lake beyond. If you spin around, you’ll also get a glimpse of the impressive architecture of the Olympic hall, stadium and swimming pool. The programme changes on a daily basis; tickets and information are available online. If you have pre-booked your tickets, they must be collected by 8 p.m, though we recommend arriving early anyway: Anyone arriving before 8 p.m. can enjoy two drinks for the price of one from the cinema’s bar. There is even an umbrella rental service in the event of rain. Sit backand roll film!


Excursion tip in the surrounding area: Summer sledging in Blomberg

Southern Bavaria has several summer sledging runs. One of the most famous tracks can be found on Blomberg, the local mountain for the town of Bad Tölz. The climb up to the summit takes around an hour and follows well-maintained paths. Once you’re at the top, you won’t want to miss Blomberghaus, which sells a range of traditional snacks and affords a panoramic view over the Northern Kalkalpen (the Limestone Alps). Alternatively, you can take a chair lift up for part of the route, though you will have to walk the last few metres up to the top. The quickest way down to the valley is on the sledge track, which starts just below the mid-point station. The track winds its way down the mountain, covering 1300 metres, 41 chicanes and 17 steep turns. There is a lever in the middle of the sledge just in case you need to brake. You can get to Blomberg by car (address: Am Blomberg 2, 83646 Wackersberg) or by bus on lines 9612 and 9591 from Bad Tölz.

A taste of Italy: Munich's ice cream parlors

Many people like to promote Munich as Italy’s most northerly city. One of the factors contributing to this flair is the city’s many Italian ice cream cafés, selling home-made gelato. When it comes to deciding which one is best, opinions tend to differ. Ballabeni at Theresienstrasse 46 definitely ranks among the top three. On hot summer days, the queue here stretches around the block At Gärtnerplatz square, Del Fiore is making a name for itself; some people have even claimed that their ice cream is better than in Italy. If you’re having trouble picking, the boss Stefano might give you a spoon as a taster. Sarcletti at Rotkreuzplatz is an iconic venue – and an old one. Peter Paul Sarcletti sold his first ice cream here as many as 130 years ago. The café now serves over 60 varieties. While this establishment may not be Italian, Verrückte Eismacher (literally translated: Crazy Ice-Cream Maker) is in a class all of its own. Seldom seen without his top hat, Matthias Münz creates ice cream flavours of the unique variety, such as gyros or wheat beer. His café behind the university is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, while the branch in Glockenbachviertel (Holzstrasse 24) is based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

A detailed calendar of events can be found here.

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Text: Munich tourism; Photos: Christian Kasper, Sigi Müller

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