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Without women, nothing works

Here, it is all about women – the good and the not so good! The tour takes you to places in Munich’s old town which are closely connected with the life of remarkable women from Munich.

You will hear of rebellious Wittelsbach women, pioneers of modern art and female entrepreneurs – and you will learn how the fraudster, Adele Spitzeder, separated the residents of Munich from their money in the mid-19th century ...

“Women have the cheekier eyes”, said Therese Giehse once about her male production colleagues. The tour through the old town takes visitors to places such as the Munich Kammerspiele (important traditional theatre company), which were shaped by self-confident women like Giehse.

Video: without women, nothing works

Or there is the Residenz (royal seat), in whose rooms the swindler, Lola Montez, wound the King around her little finger with her Spanish dances. Just a few weeks after her first appearance, King Ludwig I changed his will in her favour and elevated her to the peerage.

In fact, Ludwig’s relationship with the ‘enfant terrible’, Lola, who was, in reality, Elizabeth Rosanna Gilbert and of Irish descent, developed into a government crisis in an already unstable political situation and, in March of the revolutionary year of 1848, Ludwig I abdicated.

Other women, to whom visitors are introduced during this tour, became iconic in areas which had, for so long, been closed to them; they conquered the stages, galleries and lecture halls of the city and gradually occupied important positions in both politics and business.

The first wave of the women’s movement started in Munich around 1900. The Munich lawyer, Anita Augsburg, was one of the most dedicated of the women’s right activists of her time – a section of this tour is devoted to her, just as it is to the artist, Gabriele Münter; the comedienne, Lisl Karlstadt, as well as to politicians, such as Hildegard Hamm-Brücher who, in 1995, became the first woman to be awarded an Honorary Citizenship of Munich.

The resistance fighter, Sophie Scholl, who, as a 21-year-old student, fought against the Nazi regime, has been given a place of honour.


Photo: Christian Kasper; Video: Redline Enterprises

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