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Stroll across the Wiesn festival grounds with an official City of Munich tour guide while learning all about the history and quirky facts behind the world’s largest folk festival.

So you think you know all there is to know about Oktoberfest? Then surely you know the answers to the following questions: What are the “Hirschen” (“Deers”) and “Haserl” (“Hares”) you find inside the beer tents? Which world-famous wild west hero visited the Theresienwiese not once but twice, each time to great success? And who went on to win a Nobel prize after a job helping to set up the festival?

Video: tour guides of the City of Munich

Anything else you want to know? Your tour guide will be happy to answer any other questions. Whether you’re an Oktoberfest newcomer or an old hand, you’ll learn plenty of background stories, historic facts and interesting titbits about today’s famous Oktoberfest.

A guided tour of Oktoberfest!

The best time for an Oktoberfest tour is in the morning, when „signs of life“ are just starting to emerge at the Oktoberfest.


Photo: Christian Kasper; Video: Redline Enterprises

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During the Oktoberfest Monday to Thursday between 10 am and 4 pm | duration 1.5 hours | fee from 140 € plus VAT if applicable for groups up to 15 people | available in many languages | dates, meeting point and special requests by arrangement

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