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simply Oide Wiesn

Fancy exploring the roots of Munich’s Oktoberfest? Official City of Munich tour guides will accompany you on your trip through history at the Oide Wiesn festival grounds.

The Oide Wiesn grounds bring in the crowds with their nostalgic carousels, public amusements, a wide array of traditional and cultural events, and a rustic atmosphere.

Once you‘ve experienced the tour, why not take the opportunity to enjoy one of the historic rides for a nostalgic price of EUR 1.00! You will also get the chance to sample a few delicious treats and soak up the fun and frivolity of the showmen and other guests.

Video: tour guides of the City of Munich

To a soundtrack of traditional Bavarian folk music, you can even enjoy your own Krug of beer fresh from the tap as the perfect way to end your tour.

A trip to the Oide Wiesn festival grounds!


Photo: Tommy Loesch

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Duration 2 hours | fee from 140 € plus VAT if applicable for groups up to 15 people | plus entrance fee | available in many languages | dates, meeting point and special requests by arrangement

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