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August: Open Airs & Isar

In August Munich shows its summery side once again. Great films are shown under the open sky - there are concerts, festivals and action sports events. For those who find it too hot, the only thing that helps is a jump into the Isar.

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There are finally events in Munich again! You can find current highlights at muenchen.de. For information about your stay in Munich in times of Covid please have a look here.

Events in August 2022: Typically Munich


Summer in the city

With a varied programme of music, theatre, sports and games at many locations throughout the city, Munich celebrates the summer throughout August until at least mid September.

Summer in the city, from the end of July to mid-September, various locations throughout Munich


Open-air cinema at the Olympic lake

In August, the open-air cinema at the Olympic Lake in the Olympic Park is a hot tip for mild evenings. Here, on the open-air area of the Olympic swimming hall, visitors can watch films under the open sky using 3D and LED technology while enjoying drinks and snacks in a deckchair. Let's go when it gets dark. Then, depending on your choice, good art house films and current blockbusters will start - and in really any weather!

Cinema at the Olympic Lake, all August, Olympic Park


Munich Open Air Summer

The Munich Open Air Summer offers a colorful musical program with rock, pop, jazz, folk music, opera and classical music for two weeks. Among others, the Munich musician Willy Astor & Friends invite to the open air on 10.08.2022. On 15.08.2022, the audience can expect an unforgettable classical music experience with Carmina Burana.

Munich Open Air Summer, from 06. to 21.08.2022, Brunnenhof of the Residenz



Top events in August 2022


European Championships Munich 2022

The European Championships Munich 2022 will be the biggest sports event in Germany since the 1972 Summer Olympics. From 11 to 21 August 2022, European sport will be united as its best athletes compete for the highest accolade of their sport on the continent – the title of ‘European Champion’. The second edition of the European Championships will feature nine Olympic sports: Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Canoe Sprint, Cycling, Gymnastics, Rowing, Sport Climbing, Table Tennis, and Triathlon. Along with the Olympiapark at the heart of the event, the entire city will dress up for a glorious and unforgettable spectacle of sport and culture – a fitting way to celebrate a golden jubilee.

European Championships Munich 2022, 11 to 21 August 2022, different places


Action sports event "Munich Mash"

If you like it extreme, come to the action sports event "Munich Mash" in the Olympic Park. Tens of thousands of visitors will experience top-class sporting competitions as BMX bikes whiz over the ramps in front of the Olympic lake - and loop in the air against the backdrop of the stadium and the Olympic tower.

Munich Mash, dates not fixed yet, Olympic Park

Summer festival "impark"

A few days later, summer is celebrated in the Olympic Park. For almost three weeks, the "impark" festival offers all kinds of rides with the Ferris wheel visible from afar, two magnificent fireworks, good food from all over the world and concerts by well-known bands. On the lake you can go wakeboarding and stand-up paddling, on the surrounding hills, steps and meadows the whole body is trained during the "functional training cross&quer". Or you can just relax and enjoy the sunset and life itself.

Sommer festival impark, dates not fixed yet, Olympic Park



Events for children


Play City "Mini-Munich"

For the little ones, the play city "Mini-Munich" will open until mid-August at the Showpalast in Hans-Jensen-Weg. Here you can find everything that you can find in the real big Munich: a town hall, a bank, a building authority, a television studio and a newspaper, theatre, nursery, research laboratories, restaurants, schools, universities and the garbage collection service. This staged world enables children and young people to understand an urban community and, in the broadest sense, a social life. The City of Munich's award-winning project is a model for more than 200 play cities worldwide.

Mini-Munich, 01.-19.08.2022, Showpalast Hans-Jensen-Weg 3

What else happens in Munich in August:


Isar fun and surfers look against the heat

Wide pebble beaches, clean water and easy to reach: In few cities you can swim as well as in Munich in the Isar. The most popular and longest beach on the Isar begins at the Reichenbach Bridge and stretches to Flauchersteg. For safety reasons, bathing is only forbidden for a short stretch at the level of the Wittelsbacher Brücke. It is a little quieter in the south around Marienklausensteg. For naked people we recommend the beach at the natural swimming pool Maria Einsiedel or the pebble beaches at Flaucher, for all surfers the waves at the Floßlände. In comparison to the Eisbach wave, it is much more relaxed and calmer here; however, surfing is only possible here at certain times, in August this is daily from 2 to 6 pm. In general, there are few restrictions on and in the Isar, although it is officially considered a wild river in the city area. One should be careful during high water and near weirs, dangerous whirlpools can form there. The water quality is checked regularly and is considered harmless to health.


Excursion to the Munich area: Start of the Almabtrieb

The 24th of August, St. Bartholomew's Day, is traditionally regarded in Bavaria as the beginning of the ceremonial driving down of the mountain pastures. This is because this is how the classic pasture farming in the mountains works: At Whitsun, the cows and calves are taken to the alpine pastures where the grass is juicier and greener. In winter, however, it would be too dangerous and too cold for them up there; anyway, it is difficult to find grass under a blanket of snow. Therefore, at the end of the summer, the animals are driven back to the valley where they are better protected. To keep away evil spirits, the farmers decorate their cows with ribbons or wreaths of flowers. To this day, the Almabtrieb (also known as cattle shedding) is celebrated in many communities. When, is sometimes only determined at short notice: If the summer is particularly warm, the Alm season can be extended until the beginning of October. The Almabtriebe.de page offers an overview of the dates. A special variant of the Viehscheid takes place in Mittenwald: At the Goaßabtrieb goats are driven through the town centre of the municipality.

At the mountain hut: Hollerschorle & Hollerkiachl

The elder shrub is perhaps the most popular bush in Bavaria. "Holler" is Bavarian for "elderberry", meaning the widespread black elder (Sambucus nigra). Similar to wild garlic (see events in April), elder is a kind of miracle herb. Elderberry tea is an old household remedy for colds, it has an expectorant and slightly diaphoretic effect. The berries used to produce a purple dye which was good for dyeing leather. Because elderberry grows almost everywhere and is easy to process, elderberry juice was once considered lemonade for poor people. To make it, they collected the white elderberry flowers in large baskets and soaked them in water for two days. The brew was then filtered through a cloth and refined with sugar - the elderberry syrup was ready. Diluted with water, it became the elderberry spritzer. Today it is very popular as a thirst quencher, especially in mountain huts. A real speciality is Hollerkiachl: lard biscuits with baked elderberry umbels.


You can find a detailed calendar of events here.



Text: München Tourismus, Photos: Christian Kasper, Dominik Parzinger, istock Noppasin

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