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April: Frühlingsfest & flea market

In April the spring festivals in Munich begin with lots of tradition and beer. At the first flea markets there is haggling and gossiping – and those who need thrills come to the Olympiapark.

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Events in April 2020: Typically Munich 


Auer Dult - Maidult

It could hardly be more Munich-like: On Maria-Hilf-Platz with its magnificent church and the magnificent view over the city, people meet in traditional costume or in the normal way to the Auer Dult (festival) – or more precisely to the Maidult, which begins in April (just as the Oktoberfest starts in September...). It is called that because it starts on the Saturday before May 1st. From 25.4. to 3.5.2020, around 100,000 guests will celebrate spring - everyone to their liking: children love the nostalgic chain carousels, handmade doll's clothes, small furniture for their playhouses at home and the cotton candy. Adults browse through pottery, knitted jackets or practical household goods – and of course don't forget the beer and steamed noodles. Dult is cult!

Auer Dult, 25.04. until 03.05.2020, Maria-Hilf-Platz


Frühlingsfest (spring festival)

Also on the Theresienwiese, where the Oktoberfest takes place every autumn, the spring festival invites to a cosy get-together. From 24.4. to 10.5. on the "Frühlingswiesn" you can find everything from small shooting galleries to ship swings and huge rides like the "XXL Racer". In the beer tents and beer gardens, the smell of chicken and roasted almonds is accompanied by brass bands and beer.

Frühlingsfest, 24.04. to 10.05.2020, Theresienwiese


Radikal jung - The festival for young directors

A highlight of Munich's young theatre scene is the annual Radikal jung festival at the Volkstheater. For the 16th time young directors present their productions here.

Radikal jung, 25.04. to 02.05.2020, Volkstheater

Flea market on the Theresienwiese

Munich residents and visitors alike also love the legendary flea market here on the Theresienwiese - which is why it is worth getting up early on April 25th. Very early indeed! If you want to make bargains in peace and quiet, then you have a good chance. In the morning at the latest, it gets really crowded here between the almost endless beer and wallpaper tables full of half-measures. The good thing about it: The Bavarian Red Cross flea market supports social projects.

Flea market, 25.04.2020, Theresienwiese


BIERenale - the festival of the breweries

To coincide with German Beer Day, the Backstage invites you to the BIERenale: for four days, everything here revolves around the barley juice. A total of 15 small and large breweries will introduce themselves - including some from the craft beer scene. There will be delicious food, concerts, tastings, workshops and an award ceremony.

BIERenale, 23. to 26.04.2020, Backstage


Top events in April 2020


Long Night of Music

One of the most important events in April is the "Long Night of Music". Thousands of people then listen to musicians and bands who indulge in all kinds of music styles - at the most curious venues throughout the city, such as churches, savings banks, bookstores, cinemas, museums, cafés, Bavarian inns or in the darkest clubs.

Long Night of Music, 25.04.2020, various locations

Events for the adventurous


Obstacle course event "Spartan Munich

The Olympic Park offers all kinds of action and excitement for the more adventurous. In the "Spartan Munich" obstacle course, amateur athletes will rise above themselves when they have to overcome walls and barbed wires, wade through mud or swim in lakes and climb ropes. At the finish line, everyone is a hero!

Spartan Munich 2020, 18.04.2020, Olympic Park


Motocross show "Night of the Jumps" 

If you prefer to watch, you can experience the wildest acrobatic stunts on two wheels at the motocross show "Night of the Jumps" in the Olympic Hall on 25.4.

Night of the Jumps, 25.04.2020, Olympic Hall

What else happens in Munich in April:


Tip for excursions in the surrounding area: A pilgrimage to Heiliger Berg

Blessing and basking in the sun – the two go hand-in-hand at Heiliger Berg (Holy Mountain). The terrace at Kloster Andechs (Andechs Abbey) boasts an incredible view over the Munich area. The church next door is an important place of Catholic pilgrimage and is also the burial place of several Bavarian dukes. People having been making the pilgrimage to Heiliger Berg in Andechs since the 12th century, making it the oldest pilgrimage in Bavaria. The abbey itself has been around since 1455, when the Benedictine monks moved into the former castle. It is still home to six monks today. Nowadays, pilgrims are also less likely to travel to Heiliger Berg looking for salvation but rather the abbey’s excellent food and, above all, beer. Several paths lead up to Heiliger Berg, the two most popular of which start at the train station in nearby Herrsching. One winds its way up from the bottom through the forest while the other follows a ridge to the abbey. The higher path is slightly shorter while the lower is better for pushchairs and bikes. You should plan around one and a half hours for the route.


This is the taste of spring – the wild garlic sprouts

Chefs love this plant for its taste: reminiscent of garlic, hot yet also somehow mild and fresh. Wild garlic is a true super herb. Its leaves are ideal for salads while its stalks can be chopped down and used for flavouring. Experts in natural healing prescribe wild garlic for gastrointestinal problems. Eating wild garlic is also said to protect against heart attacks and strokes. In the Middle Ages, the plant was therefore regarded as a particularly beneficial medicinal plant that could ward off harm. If you’re lucky, you may find fresh wild garlic in the local supermarket. True wild garlic fans, on the other hand, go hunting for the plant themselves in April. Wild garlic thrives in moist, shady spots in lowland forests and deciduous woods. You’ve got a good chance of finding some in the Englischer Garten, the Isar flood plains or Pasinger Stadtpark on the banks of the Würm River. You may also find it in the Ostfriedhof and Waldfriedhof cemeteries. During your hunt, it’s always best to follow your nose. If you can smell garlic then you’re on track for finding wild garlic.


A detailed calendar of events can be found here.



Text: Munich Tourism; Photos: Christian Kasper, Frank Stolle

Curious? On this tour over the Auer Dult you will discover the special stalls and rides with an official guide from Munich Tourism.

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