Questionnaire: Viola von der Burg

Best place for a date, Mrs. von der Burg?

Munich is shaped by extraordinary women. In our questionnaire we would like to introduce a few of them. This time: Viola von der Burg. The actress has appeared on many stages in Munich. Including the Bavarian State Opera and the Gärtnerplatztheater.

Were you born in Munich or did you move here?
I was born in Munich, although a little outside the city, in Munich-Furth. But I live right in the centre now.

In which district are you at home?
The Fraunhoferstrasse. I used to live in Westend, but I kept coming back here because I loved the area so much. By coincidence, I then found an apartment here.

What does Munich taste like?
Like home-made Dampfnudeln (steamed dumplings) at the Schellingsalon. You can hardly even find them in Austria.

What does Munich sound like?
During the Oktoberfest, the dray horses pass by on the Fraunhoferstrasse, taking the beer to the Theresienwiese. I always hear their hooves on the street.

What does Munich smell like?
It smells of hops, malt and grains when beer's being brewed, and during the Oktoberfest, it smells of roast almonds, grilled fish and candy floss.

Munich is the only city where ...
… you'd want to spend your whole life. I've lived in a lot of other cities because of work, but I wouldn't swap Munich for any of them. Every time I arrive at the train station, I sense an incredible warmth and friendliness.

Which Munich lady should everyone know?
Maja Einstein. She is Albert Einstein's sister, but unlike her brother, she was born in Munich. After graduating in Romance Languages and Literature, she and her husband ran a farm estate close to Florence, before she emigrated to the USA in 1939.

Your favourite Bavarian word?
"Mausdodschmatza", although it's more from Lower Bavaria or the Upper Palatinate. It's when someone babbles on at you without pausing for breath. We've all known that happen!

The most attractive building in the city?
The Müllersche Volksbad indoor pool is well worth a look - especially on the inside. It has a very individual charm. But you have to be wearing a bathing suit to get it!

The catchiest Munich song?
The title music to the Monaco Franze series. The series was produced in the 1980s by Helmut Dietl, and was hugely popular.

Isar or Eisbach?
The Isar, because I live very close to it.

Beer garden or bar?
I'm not a bar person, so I prefer a beer garden. I sometimes like to spend time in the pub too. When I lived in Frankfurt, I found a pub with a beer garden and I went there a lot.

Philharmonic orchestra or brass band music?
Both. Brass band music is a tradition and is very important. I go to the Philharmonic when I want to hear a good concert.

A weekend in the mountains or by the lake?
Preferably a mountain lake! Although I'm usually unfaithful and I get the train to Kufstein in the Tyrol region of Austria.

The best place in Munich to impress visitors?
A meal at the "Bratwurstglöckl am Dom" restaurant at the cathedral.

What is the best place in Munich for an after-work beer?
I like to sit outside in the summer. "Zum Kloster" in Haidhausen is great for that, or in front of the "Tabula Rasa" in the Glockenbachviertel.

The best place in Munich for a romantic date?
The "Mariandl" café on the Beethovenplatz. They have a sweet little garden.

The best place in Munich to think?
The Old South Cemetery. You can find peace there among the graves of famous Munich personalities.

The best place in Munich to experience art?
The Villa Stuck is a complete work of art from the 19th century with an unconventional room design. Franz von Stuck lived here and even designed the furniture himself. It brings together art, music and theatre and you're in the midst of the 19th century – I find it wonderful.

The best place in Munich if you are longing for Italy?
There are three possibilities. "Bar Centrale" in the centre offers original Italian flair. The restaurant Pasta e Basta in the Fraunhoferstrasse has the atmosphere of an Italian cafeteria, and if you're religious, there's an Italian service at 6 o' clock every Sunday evening at the magnificent Bürgersaalkirche. The church is always packed with Italians.

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