Questionnaire: Gudrun Spielvogel

What is unique about Munich, Mrs. Spielvogel?

Munich is shaped by extraordinary women. In our questionnaire we would like to introduce a few of them. This time: Gudrun Spielvogel, gallerist and Board Member of the Initiative of Galleries in Munich.

Were you born in Munich or did you move here?
I came to Munich very early on and have become integrated over forty years.

In which district are you at home?
I am based in central Munich because I have had my gallery in the centre and I enjoy moving around there a lot. I lived for a long time in the Glockenbach district and later in Untersendling.

What does Munich taste like?
Like a buttered pretzel.

What does Munich sound like?
Like Musica Viva. That is a series of concerts for Neue Musik (music composed in the 20th century), organised by the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting). This combination of old and new is a piece of Munich for me.

What does Munich smell like?
I instantly think of the aroma of Spatenbräu, which sometimes wafts through the city. The smell of the breweries which are increasingly being moved outside the city.

Munich is the only city where ...
... have the level of a cultural metropolis, but can get to know one another and can move around like in a small town. I mean socially, just as much as with regard to transport.

Which Munich lady should everyone know?
Christiane Lange. She was born in Munich. She was the curator of the Hypo Foundation for Culture, then its director and has now, unfortunately, been exported to Stuttgart, where she is Director of the State Gallery.

Your favourite Bavarian word?
Fei scho.

The most attractive building in the city?
The Maximilianeum, which sits enthroned above the Isar. The building corresponds to Munich and its traditions and stands slightly apart.

Isar or Eisbach?
The Isar. It is larger, comes from far away and goes a long way. And it has changed in recent years to its advantage.

Beer garden or bar?
They each have their time.

Philharmonic orchestra or brass band music?
Both have their own quality.

A weekend in the mountains or by the lake?
I am a water lover, and you can have a wonderful view of the mountains from the lakes. You can get one of the best views from Lake Wörthsee.

The best place in Munich to impress visitors?
The Alte Pinakothek and the Pinakothek district.

What is the best place in Munich for an after-work beer?
The balcony or the garden of a friend’s house – where Munich is far away, and yet nearby.

The best place in Munich for a romantic date?
Well, the Court Garden, of course!

The best place in Munich to think?
The Englischer Garten (English Garden).

The best place in Munich for music lovers?
The Hercules Hall and the Opera Theatre.

The best place in Munich to experience culture?
Out of pure egoism: the galleries. There is a wide variety of galleries, where you can make wonderful discoveries.

The best place in Munich if you are longing for Italy?
Going up and down Maximilianstrasse. People still stroll along here – to see and be seen. But there is also the square in front of the Opera Theatre and the many eateries which have tables outside – there is something of Munich and also something of Italy about this.


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