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15 tips for lovers in Munich

Love is no solo; love is a duet! We’ve put together 15 tips for partners and budding lovers. Discover the most romantic places in Munich and have a lovely time together.

1. The old love tree

Many lovers are drawn to the old love tree in Nymphenburg Palace Park along the left side of the baroque park grounds. The tree is littered with countless vows of love left by loved-up couples. If the weather’s nice, a trip along the palace canal in an authentic Venetian gondola is an unforgettable experience; it’s the perfect setting for couples who want to take the next step by making a very special marriage proposal.


2. Dinner with a view

If the weather’s nice, we recommend "The Louis Grillroom" on the 6th floor of Hotel Louis at the Viktualienmarkt (food market). The green roof terrace offers unique views, especially in summer. The Blue Spa at Hotel Bayerischer Hof not only offers light spa cuisine, but also a pretty roof terrace with an unique view of the Frauenkirche (Our Lady’s Church). You can also enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view from the roof terrace at Hotel Deutsche Eiche, a traditional inn and meeting place for gays and lesbians. The Terrace on the 8th floor of Hotel Mandarin Oriental spoils its guests with Latin American delicacies and a wonderful view.


3. Away from the hustle and bustle

The pedestrian zone may be located nearby, but you can enjoy some peaceful moments in the Dichtergarten (Poets' Garden), on Galeriestrasse between the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry and the Prinz Carl Palace, and in the Kabinettsgarten (Cabinet Garden) and the adjoining Allerheiligen-Hofkirche (Court Church of All Saints) in the Munich Residenz.


4. The stranded MS Utting

Cast off! The MS Utting, a former excursion and wedding steamship on the Lake Ammer, has been left stranded on a railway bridge in Munich’s Schlachthofviertel district. The former passenger ship has been completely transformed into a self-service evening bar with various cultural performances.

5. Sunset in Munich

The best spots for a sundowner can be found on the roof terrace at the Vorhoelzer Forum Café, by the Hackerbrücke bridge near the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), and by the Friedensengel (Angel of Peace) monument, where the city is at your feet. If you’d like to enjoy a 3-course meal during the sunset, you can book a table at the revolving Restaurant 181 in the 181-metre-high Olympic Tower.


6. Carriage ride

A carriage ride through the English Garden, starting at the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower), is a very special experience. Kutscherei Holzmann was established in 1945 as the only carriage company in Munich that is allowed to travel through the English Garden and pedestrian zone.


7. A star with your name

You can enjoy a very romantic visit to the Bavarian Public Observatory in Munich, one of the largest of its kind in Germany. Discover the infinite nature of the universe! We also have a special gift idea for lovers, as you can even dedicate a star to your partner.


8. Dining in the moonlight

If you’d like to eat under the light of the moon, you should visit the Restaurant Marais Sois in Westend and book a table in the dark room with a moon lamp on the wall. The French restaurant serves haute cuisine and has been considered one of the finest places in Munich for many years.

Video: A bird's eye view of Munich

9. Spend some time together

The Dorfbad Tannermühl (village baths) offers a tremendous amount of togetherness and romance in the district of Bayerischzell (accessible via the Bayerische Oberlandbahn public transport network). Its “very private spa” is the perfect place to enjoy some special time together in a unique atmosphere. The village baths lie at the bottom of the Wendelstein mountain in the beautiful setting of Bayrischzell. Its location at the foot of an eight-metre high waterfall is particularly impressive.


10. Ring for Champagne

Hotel Lux in the Old Town offers a romantic ambience for a nice evening, featuring red sofas in cuddly and private sitting areas and a champagne bell to order another glass of bubbly.


11. Concert and dinner

A sensual combination of food and music can be enjoyed at the “Konzert & Dinner” event against the romantic backdrop of Nymphenburg Palace. You can look forward to a 3-course meal at the Schlosswirtschaft Schwaige restaurant, followed by a palace concert in the Hubertussaal.


12. Picnic for two

If the weather’s nice, we recommend a picnic by the Isar or in the Rosengarten. The Rosengarten is located by the Isar; it’s home to thousands of blooming roses, especially in June and July. Other themed gardens offer an experience for all the senses, such as the Fliedergarten (Lilac Garden), the Duftgarten (Scent Garden) and the Tastgarten (Touch Garden). If you don’t want to prepare anything yourself, you can book on site or in advance by telephone a picnic cart from Villa Flosslände. The cart can be turned into a table in just a few simple steps and contains two chairs, a sunshade, a tablecloth and crockery. It even includes bin bags and a bottle opener. There’s even a romantic picnic made especially for lovers with a bottle of Prosecco or wine and all sorts of treats.

13. Cameras rolling

Open-air cinemas like the “Kino, Mond & Sterne” in the Westpark and the cinema by the Olympic Lake attract lots of visitors, especially in summer. Lovers can even sit in “love seats” at the Gloria Palast cinema on Karlsplatz-Stachus (square). The extra-wide and cosy armchair for two lets you cuddle up together. You can also have food and drink brought right to your seat.


14. Surprise menu

Guests at Master’s Home near the Viktualienmarkt food market can look forward to an 8-course surprise menu, surrounded by comfortable leather armchairs, red roses and lots of candles. After each course, you can even stop and skip to the dessert.


15. Luck in love

“Romeo and Juliet” is arguably Shakespeare’s most famous love story and has even left its mark on Munich. A statue of Juliet Capulet can be found right behind the Old Town Hall between Marienplatz (main square) and the Heilig-Geist-Kirche (church). The original statue of Juliet was a gift from our twin city of Verona. According to the local superstition, touching the statue will bring you luck in love.



Text: München Tourismus; Photos: Dominik Parzinger, Christian Kasper; Video: Redline Enterprises


The City of Munich is also affected by the nationwide tightened measures to contain the coronavirus. All important information about the coronavirus and your stay in Munich can be found here.