Friends, acquaintances and strangers bring their clothes to Stephanie Zürn - and get a commission on the sale.

Second-hand designer fashion

Big names second-hand

Munich and luxury fashion simply go together. These designer second-hand stores are proof that designer clothing doesn't always have to be new. And these outlets are easy on your purse as well as on the environment.

Spend a day in Munich's pedestrian area, and you'll soon be spotting the Louis Vuitton handbags. You can't miss it: Munich and luxury fashion are closely connected. It's evident not just on the wrists of the women in Munich, but in the shops around the Maximilianstrasse too. If you want to shop sustainably and save money at the same time, you'll find a great choice of designer second-hand stores in Munich – from hip boutiques to traditional upmarket outlets.


Capricorn: the hip boutique in the Glockenbach district

The Glockenbach district is well-known for its top labels and beautiful boutiques. The Capricorn Store in the Reichenbachstrasse is proof that you don't always have to buy new. Owner Stephanie Zürn has only a set number of clothes hangers in her store – she only lets a new one in when she has sold a piece. This principle, and the mix of new accessories and bags, mean the shop looks very tidy. There's no one to rummage for treasures here: the Capricorn has everything beautifully arranged, from the Acne jeans to the Chanel coat – and sometimes there's a little bit of history about the piece's previous owner.

Capricorn Store, Reichenbachstrasse 30, 80469 Munich

Macy: upmarket second-hand ladies' and gents' designer fashion

Macy, on the highly picturesque Johannisplatz (square) in Haidhausen, is a perfect fit with the district: you'll find high-end bags, shoes and purses here, along with designer clothing and high-value vintage jewellery. All the big brands are represented – from Miu Miu to Burberry. But what sets Barbara Dockhorn's corner shop apart is that men as well as women will find rich pickings here – so you can enjoy shopping together. The owner is actually a trained costume designer and stylist who has been running her beloved second-hand business in Munich since 1998.

Macy, Johannisplatz 20, 81667 Munich


Pure & Simple: one floor for shoes only

You might just walk straight past Pure & Simple on the Müllerstrasse at first, because nothing here looks second-hand. It's only the price tags in this shop in the heart of the Glockenbach district that are the give-away that it's not new items on sale, but second-hand designer fashion. The two-storey Pure & Simple store, with its large assortment of designer shoes, otherwise looks like a high-end boutique. What's really nice: even though the fashion and accessories on offer are expensive, you're welcome to come and simply have a browse – with great advice for anyone who wants it.

Pure & Simple, Müllerstrasse 31, 80469 Munich

Fräulein Spitzbarth: like looking through a friend's wardrobe

Frauke Spitzbarth has created a true second-hand paradise in the Maxvorstadt district: she has two stores with second-hand designer clothing looking for new owners. From the Burberry blazer to the Chanel ballerinas. And during the Oktoberfest, Frauke Spitzbarth also stocks a wide range of dirndls (women's traditional Bavarian dress), blouses and aprons – from vintage to new. Either way, you need to be quick: items not sold within three months are returned to their owner. If you want to see the latest items or sale at Fräulein Spitzbarth: Frauke Spitzbarth posts the latest arrivals on her Instagram account daily, and you can reserve the items you like immediately.

Fräulein Spitzbarth, Schellingstrasse 73, 80799 Munich


The second Gerdismann: beautiful used items for men

Good men's fashion stores are rare – particularly for vintage and second-hand items. But The second Gerdismann in Munich is closing this gap. The spacious store in the Maxvorstadt district stocks stylish clothing, shoes and bags exclusively for men. There are some real gems to discover – from used to new. Alongside younger high-end labels like Acne and Martin Margiela, there are the old favourites such as Prada, Dior and Marc Jacobs. 

The second Gerdismann, Barer Strasse 74, 80799 Munich

Designer second-hand bags: luxury second-hand bags

An original Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Celiné handbag doesn't always need to cost a fortune. There are some second-hand shops in Munich specialising exclusively in used designer bags, and offering high-end products that sometimes look new, but at maybe only half the cost. One such store is Designer-Taschen-Secondhand on the Belgradstrasse: owner Sylvie Estner has been advising her customers for some years, and has an eye for exceptional handbags.

Designer-Taschen-Secondhand, Belgradstrasse 3, 80796 Munich



Text: Anja Schauberger; Photos: Frank Stolle


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