Questionnaire: Rahmée Wetterich

A place in Munich if longing for Italy, Mrs. Wetterich?

Munich is shaped by extraordinary women. In our questionnaire we would like to introduce a few of them. This time: the fashion designer Rahmée Wetterich. She and her sister run the "Noh Nee" label, tailoring clothes that combine both Bavarian and African influences.

Were you born in Munich or did you move here?
I was born and raised in Cameroon and then moved to Munich. But I feel very much at home here and have a strong connection with the culture.

In which district are you at home?
There isn't just one: I live in Laim, in a listed settlement. Our showroom is in the Glockenbachviertel and the studio is in the Maxvorstadt.

What does Munich taste like?
Wheat beer symbolises Munich, or a freshly pulled draft Augustiner in the Hirschgarten.

What does Munich sound like?
"Passt" which means "OK". It's the word I hear from Munich people all the time, wherever I go.

What does Munich smell like?
When I'm cycling, I often smell freshly mown grass or flowers in bloom. You can smell the beer around the Augustiner brewery.

Munich is the only city where ...
… you can just jump into the river in the middle of the city. The Isar is truly unique.

Which Munich lady should everyone know?
The actress Liesl Karlstadt together with Karl Valentin. There's also a lovely museum about the two of them.

Your favourite Bavarian word?
"I mog di". My now husband kept saying it to me for a year. I always translated it as "I like you" and wasn't very amused until I learned that it can also mean "I love you".

The most attractive building in the city?
The BMW Welt is very impressive, but I also like the New Town Hall.

Isar or Eisbach?
The Isar, because you can find spots there where you can be on your own.

Beer garden or bar?
I prefer a beer garden in the summer because it's part of the Munich lifestyle.

Philharmonic orchestra or brass band music?
If I am in the right mood, I enjoy listening to traditional brass band music, but I also like the Philharmonic.

A weekend in the mountains or by the lake?
The great thing about Munich is that we have them both: we are spoilt.

The best place in Munich to impress visitors?
The Viktualienmarkt (food market) early in the morning. It's in the heart of the city, you can sit in a beer garden, and you can walk everywhere.

The best place in Munich for a romantic date?
The Hofgarten is wonderful. But my secret tip is the Rose Island in Lake Starnberg.

The best place in Munich to think?
The Nymphenburg Palace park. I like sitting by the water in the evenings when there are just a few people still around.

The best place in Munich to experience art?
The Museum Brandhorst and the Galerie Thomas.

The best place in Munich if you are longing for Italy?
Bar Centrale in the city centre or Eisdiele Ballabeni on the Türkenstrasse. Although you always have to queue there.

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