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October: Kirchweihdult & Munich Marathon

The city shows its sporty side with the Munich Marathon in October. But of course, good food and drink are a must, because now, in Bavaria, game is traditionally served on the plate.

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Events in October 2021: Typically Munich


Munich Marathon (2021 without Trachtenlauf)

The Munich Marathon leads its participants and visitors to the city's most beautiful squares and streets on October 10, 2021, before crossing the finish line in the legendary Olympic Stadium. But don't worry: Not every athlete has to manage the 42.2 kilometres past the Victory Gate, the Chinese Tower, Gasteig, the Opera House and the Viktualienmarkt! There are also competitions over 10 or 21 kilometres (half marathon). In order to realise the GMM 21, we are unable to offer the Marathon Relay, the Costume Run and the mini-marathon (children’s run). The online registration is open until 26 September 2021.

Munich Marathon, 10.10.2021, Olympic Park


Auer Dult Kirchweihdult

The last Auer Dult of the year is from 16.10 to 24.10.2020. Then there is the Kirchweihdult on Maria-Hilf-Platz in Giesing, which always starts on the Saturday before the holiday of the same name. Here the largest tableware market in Europe awaits many thousands of visitors. At numerous stalls, traders offer porcelain and ceramics, household accessories, natural remedies and clothing for sale. Between the beer tent with its beer garden and snack bars, there are pretty nostalgic rides such as a chain carousel, a ski swing, a bumper car and several shooting galleries. Tuesday is family day with reduced prices for the children.

Auer Dult Kirchweihdult, 16 to 24 October 2021, Mariahilfplatz

Top events in October 2021


The long night of Munich museums

On October 16th, 2021, around 90 Munich museums and collections, galleries, churches and architectural gems invite you to take a night-time stroll. During the "Long Night of the Museums", visitors experience the regular exhibitions - plus live music, performances, guided tours, films, discussions about art and all sorts of other things to join in. The Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) uses special buses to ensure that all the venues can be reached quickly and easily.

Long Night of the Museums, 16 October 2021, Munich


International Fairs


OutDoor by ISPO

From October 5-7, 2021, the international sports and outdoor industry will meet in Munich. The focus will be on health, nature, mobility and urbanity as well as sustainability. OutDoor by ISPO 2021 also offers deep insights into socially relevant trends and developments that go beyond the industry itself. Interactive, digital offers will round off the live event.

OutDoor by ISPO, 5. to 7.10.2021, Messe München



EXPO REAL, the 23th International Trade Fair for Property and Investment, is being held at Messe München exhibition center at October 2020. EXPO REAL caters to the full spectrum of the property sector, offering an international networking platform for the key markets of Europe, through to Russia, the Middle East and the US. The fair’s extensive program of conference events, featuring some 400 speakers, gives participants valuable insight into the latest trends and innovations in the property, investment and finance market.

EXPO REAL, 11. bis 13. Oktober 2021, Messe München


Events for musical fans


Musical "The Shoe of Manitou"

The cinema hit "Der Schuh des Manitu" by Michael Bully Herbig comes to his home country in Bavaria for the first time in a new production. The musical of the same name has its premiere on 14th october 2021 at the Deutsches Theater (and will run until 9th january 2022). The audience can expect an imaginative show with many singing classics like the "Superperforator" - great Indian word of honour!

Musical "The Shoe of Manitu", 13.10.21 - 09.01.22, Deutsches Theater

What else happens in Munich in October:


When autumn comes: Wild meal

Autumn is the traditional season for game in Bavaria. In October the hunting season is in full swing, and many Bavarian restaurants adapt their menus accordingly. For example, deer is very popular, the meat is dark red and finely grained. Deer, on the other hand, has a slightly darker tone and stronger taste. As side dishes, red cabbage and potato or bread dumplings are often served. Those who prefer to cook their own venison can buy venison in delicatessen shops, from hunters or wild animal keepers. About 2300 and thus half of all German game enclosures are located in Bavaria according to the farmers' association. Hunting is necessary because there are hardly any free-living predators in this country that could regulate the animal population in a natural way. Only in Eastern Bavaria are lynxes and wolves still at home. In former times, hunting was a privilege reserved for the king in large parts of the country. Today you need a hunting license for it, i.e. a document that entitles the owner to hunt.


The Munich Marathon: for athletes and all those who want to become athletes

The Munich Marathon is one of the largest fun runs in Germany. Around 20,000 amateur and professional athletes take part every year. Anyone can take part who has sports shoes and a desire to run. The 42.1-kilometer long course begins and ends in the Olympic Park; if that's too long for you, you can choose the half-marathon or the ten-kilometer distance. As with the Olympics, being there is everything. The atmosphere is good, the spectators at the edge of the course are cheering for everyone as a matter of principle. By the way, the Munich Marathon has its roots in the 1972 Summer Olympics, when the route led very picturesquely via Nymphenburg Castle, Hirschgarten and Schwabing back to the Olympic Park. The Munich Marathon has existed since 2000.

For film fans: the Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival

A real secret tip: the Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival. Even most of Munich's residents may not have heard of it, but the festival has long since developed into a highlight for film lovers. Whether gymnasium, school auditorium or fitness studio, every halfway large room at Tegernsee is converted into a cinema hall. Alpinism, flora and fauna, loneliness, alpine pastures - the range of topics is wide, the only condition is: The film must have something to do with the mountain world. The entries come from mountaineers and filmmakers from all over the world, and a jury awards prizes for the best works. In 2017 Reinhold Messner won the Grand Prize of the city of Tegernsee for "Still Alive - Drama on Mount Kenya". Advance ticket sales usually start in mid-September.    


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Text: München Tourismus; Photos: Christian Kasper; Frank Stolle

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