The Nymphenburg Canal is a paradise for curling. Curling sticks can be rented and even snacks and drinks are offered.

Nymphenburg canal in winter

A winter fairy tale

Winter fun in a fairytale setting: over winter, Nymphenburg Palace canal is overrun with ice skaters, curling teams and ice hockey players.

Nymphenburg canal in the western half of Munich is not just a popular destination in the summer: When the weather turns icy, locals and visitors flock to the frozen canal; because the canal is not very deep (only around 50 centimetres), it often creates a strong platform of ice during the winter.

Video: simply winter

If you can walk on the ice is marked with signs at the canal. However, you enter the ice at your own risk. If the layer of ice is thick enough, word gets around in the city very quickly and the canal becomes Munich's largest curling rink. But not only curling is possible in the city: we have tried winter sports for which one does not have to go into the mountains.

After strolling along the canal, why not visit Schloss Nymphenburg (Nymphenburg Palace), the Wittelsbach family’s former summer residence. The canal paths lead you past the circular royal garden straight to the palace. The palace gardens are ideal for a winter stroll around the follies, including the Amalienburg hunting lodge, Pagodenburg palace and Badenburg pavilions.



Photo: Luis Gervasi


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