Tourism in Munich 2018 Annual review

Upward trend continues in 2018

Tourism in Munich recorded further gains in 2018. With a plus of 10.0 percent in overnight stays, the domestic market was characterised by particularly strong upward momentum last year.

Tourism in Munich recorded further gains in 2018. 8.3 million arrivals (+6.5 percent) and 17.1 million overnight stays (+9.3 percent) were registered in 2018 across Munich's commercial accommodation facilities that offer ten or more beds. With a plus of 10.0 percent in overnight stays (8.8 million), the domestic market was characterised by particularly strong upward momentum last year. In terms of international arrivals, overall growth in overnight stays increased by 8.7 percent, to 8.4 million. The international share in total overnight stays was just under 50 percent. This makes Munich the city with the largest proportional share of foreign tourists in Germany.

A general willingness to invest in the hotel industry remains very high in Munich. Last year alone, 20 new places offering accommodation – with almost 6,000 beds - were opened in the city. At the end of 2018, there were 450 commercial enterprises in Munich with a total offering of just under 80,000 beds. Despite the increase in capacity, the rate of room utilisation held strong at the previous year's level of 76 percent.

The head of München Tourismus, Geraldine Knudson, sees the current numbers as something positive: “Munich is a magnet for guests from all over the world. But Munich doesn't just have great international appeal. With our national campains “Kulturherbst – Autumn of Culture" and Licht - Light", we have succeeded in expanding Munich's image and inspiring the domestic market. As part of these campaigns, we work together with our partners to create additional travel events that focus successfully on the culture, the creativity and the innovative power of our city." Clemens Baumgärtner, Head of the Department of Labor and Economic Development, explains: "The tourism sector is an important factor in the commercial hub that is Munich. The growth in visitor numbers and overnight stays is due not least to the commitment shown by Geraldine Knudson and her entire team. In collaboration with the tourism industry, the city in all its facets is revealed to its visitors as a high-quality destination.“


Germany, Switzerland and Austria

The number of overnight stays from Germany rose to 8.8 million in 2018 (+10.0 percent). Overnight stays by guests from Switzerland rose to 456,000 (+0.8 per cent) and 439,000 for overnight guests from Austria (+6.1 percent).

A total of 9.7 million overnight stays were registered from the German, Swiss and Austrian markets. With a share of around 56 percent of total overnight stays, these source markets are of particular importance for Munich as a destination city.


European total

The European markets generated a total of 4.6 million overnight stays, an increase of 9.7 percent. There were 588,000 overnight stays (+7 percent) from the UK, 584,000 overnight stays from Italy (+8.9 percent), followed by Switzerland with 456,000 overnight stays (+0.8 percent), Austria with 439,000 overnight stays (+6.1 percent) , Russia with 379,000 overnight stays (+3.3 percent) and Spain with 348,000 overnight stays (+12.9 percent).



The Asian markets grew by 1.4 per cent to 1.9 million overnight stays. With 560,000 overnight stays, guests from the Arabian Gulf States made up the bulk of all overnight stays by guests from the Middle and Far East. The Arab Gulf states actually registered - as one of the few markets to do so - a decline (-13.4 percent), but still represented the fourth largest foreign market. By contrast, China registered an increase of 19.9 percent to 432,000 overnight stays. Guests from the South East Asian market recorded 316,000 overnight stays (+2.7 percent). 131,000 overnight stays (+6.6 percent) were also registered from India. The city's guests from India distinguished themselves from all other markets with the longest duration of stay, standing at 3.2 days (against an average length of stay of 2.1 days).


North- and South America

Overnight stays by guests from the US market hit 1.2 million, thus exceeding the one million for the first time (+ 16.7 percent). 1.7 million overnight stays (+14.1 percent) were recorded from the entire North and South American market.



For the year 2019, Munich anticipates the continued expansion of hotel capacity along with a growing numbers of overnight stays, which will ensure a stable occupancy rate going forward.


Top Ten of the markets, January trough December 2018

1.Germany8,755,53 overnight stays
2.USA1,161,340 overnight stays
3.Great Britain588,190 overnight stays
4.Italy584,134 overnight stays
5.Arab Gulf States560,328 overnight stays
6.Switzerland456,196 overnight stays
7.Austria439,440 overnight stays
8.China431,937 overnight stays
9.Russia379,482 overnight stays
10.Spain348,388 overnight stays



München Tourismus is, as a municipal tourism organisation, situated in the Department of Labour and Economics for the State Capital of Munich ("Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft der Landeshauptstadt München"). Together with its partners from the private sector – Tourismusinitiative München TIM e.V. – München Tourismus is developing marketing and PR measures as well as tourism products with the aim of positioning Munich as a prime destination among its international competitors, and also to promote tourism in Munich. The Tourism Commission of Munich, a joint body of the city council and the local tourism industry, are working together to determine its strategic orientation.


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