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We are responsible for the global marketing of Munich as a destination.

Your contact persons


Rupert Geiger, Director Trade Relations
South America
Languages: German, English, Spanish
+49 (0)89 233-30345


Melanie Reif
North America
Languages: German, English
+49 (0)89 233-30246


Max Berger
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France
Languages: German, English
+49 (0)89 233-30343


Karin Baedeker
Languages: German, English
+49 (0)89 233-30286


Christian Valentini
UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal
Languages: German, English, Italian
+49 (0)89 233-30281


Annette Härtl
Southeastasia, Australia, India
Languages: German, English
+49 (0)89 233-30356


Robert Leckel
Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe
Languages: German, English
+49 (0)89 233-30203



Photos: Christian Kasper, Dominik Parzinger

Travel Trade

Travel Trade

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