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Market Management

We are responsible for the global marketing of Munich as a destination.

Your contact persons


Rupert Geiger, Director Trade Relations
South America
Languages: German, English, Spanish
+49 (0)89 233-30345


Melanie Reif
North America
Languages: German, English
+49 (0)89 233-30246


Max Berger
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France
Languages: German, English
+49 (0)89 233-30343


Karin Baedeker
Languages: German, English
+49 (0)89 233-30286


Christian Valentini
UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal
Languages: German, English, Italian
+49 (0)89 233-30281


Annette Härtl
Southeastasia, Australia, India
Languages: German, English
+49 (0)89 233-30356


Robert Leckel
Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe
Languages: German, English
+49 (0)89 233-30203



Photos: Christian Kasper, Dominik Parzinger


With the new information portal, the "Federal Competence Centre for Tourism" wants to give orientation to tourism professionals. The portal offers current news, facts and recommendations for action for the tourism industry.

For more information about your stay in Munich please have a look here.

Travel Trade

Travel Trade

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