Munich's cabaret stages

From programme to menu

When it comes to stages, Munich is known above all else for its big performance locations. But there is also plenty of cabaret going on in the city. At these addresses, guests can dine in style either before, after or even during the performance.

Variety theatre and three-course menu: The GOP

The GOP situated on Maximilianstrasse is one of Munich's most popular cultural highlights. Variety artists take to the stage here – singing, magic, gymnastics, and plenty of laughter. The show programme changes every two months along with the international ensemble. If you would rather eat something before the show, you can reserve a table at Restaurant Leander. But you also have the option of being served a two- or three-course menu, or snacks, drinks and – on Sundays – even coffee and cake in the varieté hall.

GOP Varieté-Theater, Maximilianstrasse 47

A great alternative: Schuhbecks teatro

Currywurst and Comedians: The Vereinsheim

The Vereinsheim in Schwabing district is referred to as a “Kulturwirtschaft” (“cultural hub”) – concerts, cabaret, stand-up comedy, slams, and other cultural favourites await you here as every Sunday the “Schwabinger Schaumschläger Show” (stage reading event). In addition, simple but tasty dishes such as Currywurst and chips are served, accompanied by beer, of course. On the few days when nobody takes to the stage, football is broadcast or you can pass the time by playing table football. This place is not called Schwabing's living room for nothing!

Vereinsheim, Occamstrasse 8

A great alternative: Pasinger Fabrik


A political-cultural institution: The Lach- und Schießgesellschaft

An institution in Munich when it comes to culture: The Lach- und Schießgesellschaft was founded in 1956 by the journalist Sammy Drechsel and the cabaret artist Dieter Hildebrandt. Over the years the ensemble’s cast has seen numerous changes, but the basic idea of political cabaret remained the same. Almost every day, the Lach- und Schießgesellschaft offers a varied stage programme – you can also order some delicious Munich-style snacks or Palatschinken (pancakes).

Lach- und Schießgesellschaft, Ursulastrasse 9

A great alternative: Lustspielhaus

The connection between then and now: The Wirtshaus im Schlachthof

The red brick building has stood in the quarter since 1878, some Munich residents still know the building from “Zur Freiheit” (German television series). Formerly an inn for the workers of the Schlachthof (slaughterhouse), it was transformed into a cultural venue at the end of the 1980s. Today, the programme also includes many young Munich cabaret artists, theatre groups and events such as the PULS Podcast Festival. The food is always of that hearty Bavarian style and, thanks to the proximity of the Schlachthof (quarter) and the Grossmarkthalle (wholesale market), always fresh and delicious – from Wurstsalat (sausage salad) to the classic Schweinebraten (roast pork).

Wirtshaus im Schlachthof, Zenettistrasse 9

A great alternative: Theater im Wirtshaus zum Isartal


Bavarian and rustic: The Fraunhofer

As modern as the Glockenbachviertel district is, the Fraunhofer still boasts a piece of old Munich. Opened as a beer tavern as early as 1774, the Fraunhofer developed into one of the most popular inns in the 20th century, with its small “Werkstattkino” (“workshop cinema”) and a theatre stage. The performers, cabaret artists and musicians who have been performing here for years are usually as Bavarian as the food on the menu. The Volksmusikpreis (folk music prize), which is regularly awarded by the Fraunhofer together with the Department of Culture, fits in perfectly with this.

Fraunhofer, Fraunhoferstrasse 9

A great alternative: Iberl Bühne

A stage for names both big and small: The Theater Drehleiher

For more than 40 years, the small private Drehleier theatre in Haidhausen district has enjoyed a colourful programme. Its operator, Werner Winkler, always ensures that the stage is also made accessible to unknown, creative types. But big names like Konstantin Wecker (German singer-songwriter) and the Spider Murphy Gang (famous Bavarian band) have also delivered celebrated performances here. If you're not watching plays, cabaret, concerts or burlesque shows, you can savour international dining in the adjoining “Szenerie” restaurant – sometimes they serve Thai curry, and sometimes Spinatknödel (spinach dumplings).

Theater Drehleiher, Rosenheimer Strasse 123

A great alternative: Metropoltheater



Text: Anja Schauberger; Photos: Wirtshaus im Schlachthof, GOP, Frank Stolle


The City of Munich is also affected by the nationwide measures to contain the coronavirus. Hotels and accommodation establishments, indoor and outdoor gastronomy and shops are open. But there are some restrictions. All other important information about the coronavirus and your stay in Munich can be found here.