Questionnaire: Anna Feith

What does Munich sound like, Mrs. Feith?

Munich is shaped by extraordinary women. In our questionnaire we would like to introduce a few of them. This time: Anna Feith. The soprano makes regular appearances in Munich. She also sings with the vocal ensemble of the Bayerische Orchesterakademie Barock, the Vokalwerk Nürnberg and the Vokalconsort Berlin.

Were you born in Munich or did you move here?
Neither! I was born in Passau, raised in Bremen and Nuremberg, and have lived in Würzburg since graduating. I come to Munich primarily for concerts. I have never managed to move to Munich, but it could happen.

Which district would you live in?
If I'm allowed to dream, then: Haidhausen. The beautiful pre-war houses and many cafés appeal to me. I think I could feel very comfortable there.

What does Munich taste like?
Delightful: warm and friendly on the one hand, and traditional on the other.

What does Munich sound like?
Munich sounds like a huge folk festival: The roller coaster, music, the clinking of glasses and lots of good-humoured people!

What does Munich smell like?
As diverse as the Viktualienmarkt: like the smell of fresh fruit and vegetables, the spices and all the other things on the stalls there.

Munich is the only city where ...
… I still have to find that out.

Which Munich lady should everyone know?
For me, there are two Munich women: first of all Sophie Scholl (1921-1943), the Nazi regime resistance fighter. And Anita Augspurg (1857-1943). She was a leading activist in the feminist movement, the first female lawyer in the German Empire, and was in a relationship with another woman in the face of all opposition.

Your favourite Bavarian word?
"Gspusi" (a secret love affair, more or less): It sounds so affectionate and expresses so much. "Gspusi", when you say it, it means a hug and a big kiss as well.

The most attractive building in the city?
The Prinzregententheater (theatre). It has a sublime, classy appearance from the outside as well as the inside. It's a shame I haven't managed to sing there yet!

The catchiest Munich song?
The only thing that comes to mind is the classic "In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus". I've never really been to the Oktoberfest, perhaps that's why …

Isar or Eisbach?
Definitely the Eisbach. I've spent many a relaxed hour there.

Beer garden or bar?
You have to go to a beer garden when you're in Munich. There are nice bars wherever you go, but it's only here that you find true beer gardens.

Philharmonic orchestra or brass band music?
Given my own musical development, I prefer the Philharmonic. But it's great that there are so many brass bands to keep the tradition alive.

A weekend in the mountains or by the lake?
Because I live in Würzburg, going to the mountains always involves a lot of effort for me. But you really should go hiking when you're in Munich.

The best place in Munich to impress visitors?
There are two places that I find particularly impressive. The first is the Residenz – I played my first concert in Munich there. The second is the Nymphenburg Palace. I stepped off the tram, walked up the avenue – and suddenly there's this enormous palace, this delightful garden, right in the heart of the city. A little piece of paradise.

What is the best place in Munich for an after-work beer?
I don't think you can go wrong. I've never had a bad beer in Munich.

The best place in Munich for a romantic date?
There's a restaurant right at the top of the Olympic Tower that serves good food with fantastic views across the whole city.

The best place in Munich to think?
That's not an easy one. I can imagine there's space for everyone in the Englischer Garten (park) to get lost in their thoughts.

The best place in Munich for music lovers?
It has to be the Staatsoper (opera) It's a must-see in Munich. Along with my concerts of course.

The best place in Munich to experience culture?
The Alte Pinakothek. I haven't visited it yet, unfortunately. They have the "Self-Portrait in Fur Coat" by Albrecht Dürer exhibited there – I grew up in the Dürer city of Nuremberg so that's a painting I'd like to see.

The best place in Munich if you are longing for Italy?
Bar Centrale in the Ledererstrasse: They serve great coffee there, and a fantastic tiramisu. It has real Italian flair.

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