Schloss Blutenburg

Beautiful women and white doves

This medieval estate in western Munich was first mentioned in official records in 1432. Its setting is idyllic, as the Würm river winds its way past the late Gothic building and castle chapel.

The Bavarian Duke Albrecht III (1401 to 1460) used Blutenburg Castle on the river Würm as a hunting lodge and commissioned the construction of elements including the gateway with defensive walls, and the gate tower.

After abdicating from power in 1467, Albrecht’s son Sigismund promised to spend his life in peace at Schloss Blutenburg surrounded by “beautiful women and white doves.” Sigismund, a member of the ruling Wittelsbach family and a great lover of art, expanded the castle towards the end of the 15th century. This included the addition of the castle’s chapel, a magnificent example of late Gothic architecture, whose medieval fittings and basic structures remain almost completely unchanged to this day.

Book lovers will fall in love with the rooms of the International Youth Library, which is based in the castle, and a tour of the Michael Ende Museum. Further recommendations include a stroll along the Würm and a trip to Blutenburg Castle tavern.

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Photo: Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung


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