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La Isla Bonita: FC Bayern fans from all over the world

Every FC Bayern München home game is attended by fans who have travelled from around the world. Three of them explain why their heart belongs firmly to the German record breakers.

Franklin Ajiba, 40, from Lagos, Nigeria


What made you become a fan of FC Bayern München?

It all dates back to the time when a young man from Ghana played here, Sammy Kuffour. That was in the 1990s; I had just finished high school and FC Bayern caught my attention. After all, Ghana is not far from Nigeria.

Who is your favourite player?

Franck Ribéry, because his name sounds a bit like mine. And Arjen Robben, because he shoots with his left foot, like me!

What is it that fascinates you about FC Bayern München?

Mainly it’s unique history. So many incredible people have played for the club. Just think of Franz Beckenbauer, for instance. And I also like the fact that FC Bayern has enjoyed such constant success. They’re in the Champions League year in, year out – and pretty much always make it to the semi-finals at least.

Did you travel to Germany just to watch FC Bayern?

No, I work for a big chemicals company and I’m here in Munich for the Drinktec trade fair. But as I’m already here, I wanted to make the most of this opportunity and see the Allianz Arena with my own eyes.

And does the real thing live up to your expectations?

Oh, yes! This stadium is really unique. Just look at the structures on the façade! I am so impressed. I’ve heard it lights up in the dark. I would love to see that some time.

Feng Zhu, 33, from Shanghai, China (photographed with his girlfriend Wen Wen, 29)


How many times have you watched FC Bayern München play? 

Today’s my first match. I’m already really excited and can’t wait to get into the stadium. 

What made you become a fan of FC Bayern München?

It’s simple... I fell in love. That was around ten years ago. This club has got a special kind of spirit. I can’t think of any other team that is so passionate and really sets out to win every single trophy.

Who is your favourite player?

Thomas Müller of course! He is always so optimistic and puts his all in on the pitch. He seems to approach every match with maximum motivation. It’s my dream to get a photo with him.

How do you keep up with FC Bayern München when you’re at home?

Luckily almost every match is shown on TV – and I try to make sure that I never miss a game. The only problem is the time difference. Sometimes I have to get up at 2 a.m. to catch the match, but it’s always worth it.

What else have you got planned in Munich?

Well, we don’t actually have that much time. We landed the day before yesterday. Tonight we’re heading to the Weinzelt (wine tent) at Oktoberfest and then we’re flying back to Shanghai again tomorrow.

Alexandro Gamboa, 36, from Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico (photographed with Victor Rodriguez, 37)


What’s your personal favourite FC Bayern München moment?

The 2013 Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund. I’ve never seen such an exciting, top-class game of football.

What is it that fascinates you about FC Bayern München?

FC Bayern is one of the best teams in the world. And I’m just a big fan of the German style of football: they play with power, always looking for the most direct path to the goal. The last time Mexico played Germany, it didn’t really go too well for us. But we’re better at boxing.

Who is your favourite player?

Franck Ribéry. He is both strong and fast and his technique is incredible.

How do you keep up with FC Bayern München when you’re at home?

I don’t watch many matches live because of the time difference. But luckily for me, channels like ESPN show the highlights. The main draw for me is the Champions League; I never miss those matches.

Do you support any other clubs?

Yes, FC Bayern is my favourite European club. At home, I follow UNAM Pumas from Mexico City. We once even won a friendly against Real Madrid!



Protokolle: Nansen & Piccard; Fotos: Frank Stolle


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