ISH Munich Aiport

Event location and IT security competence centre at Munich Airport

At the beginning of 2018, the Information Security Hub (ISH) opened at Munich Airport, enriching Munich not only with a state-of-the-art cyber security competence centre but also with a versatile and innovative event location.

Among the European locations for information and telecommunications technology, Munich occupies first place, ahead of metropolises such as Paris or London. Among other things, Munich owes this to the excellent universities and research institutions located in the Bavarian capital. Internationally active and globally renowned companies such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Cisco Systems and Salesforce have chosen Munich as their location and often also as the headquarters for their German and European business. The information and communication technology sector is one of the most important pillars of Munich's economy.

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ISH - The Cyber Security Competence Center in Munich

With the Information Security Hub, Munich gained another flagship project in the field of IT security at the beginning of 2018. Located at the airport, the competence centre has set itself the goal of building a strong coalition of experts to jointly win the battle against cyber threats worldwide. In all industries worldwide, functioning IT security is now one of the decisive factors for success in order to be able to guarantee protection against hacker attacks, security of stored data and functioning networks. Companies therefore need trained IT experts to be able to prevent possible cyber attacks in the first place and, if necessary, to combat them.  

The Information Security Hub offers companies the opportunity to carry out on-site training and simulations on the topic of IT security and thereby build up the necessary knowledge and skills together with experts. With state-of-the-art IT and IT training structures and a network of specialists, companies can have their IT experts trained in all areas and thus protect themselves against digital threats.

The ISH as an event location

The ISH's state-of-the-art rooms can also be rented as a training and event venue. The rooms have first-class presentation technology and are suitable for conferences as well as meetings, workshops and customer events. The ISH Campus consists of various rooms: The Event Hall, an auditorium, offers space for 90 people and is particularly suitable for keynotes and lectures. The Training Space consists of four training rooms in which, for example, workshops can be held. In the Lab Area, training sessions can be held in a laboratory environment.

Depending on the event, the furniture and seating can be adapted. PCs and notebooks are also available, as well as a sound and lighting system. Catering and staff can also be provided if required. Conveniently located directly at Munich Airport, ISH is easily accessible for guests from Munich as well as for international guests.

ISH – Information Security Hub
Munich Airport
Südallee 1
85326 Munich


February 2021


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