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Perfect landings at Munich Airport

Munich Airport can really roll out the superlatives as the only "5-Star Airport" in Europe. Munich Airport achieved this status through the annual "World Airport Awards" which also designated its Terminal 2 as the best terminal in the world.

Munich Airport can really roll out the superlatives as the only "5-Star Airport" in Europe. Munich Airport achieved this status through the annual "World Airport Awards" which also designated its Terminal 2 as the best terminal in the world. Bavaria's gateway to the world also came in the top ten ratings for gastronomy, baggage delivery, transit service, and entertainment and leisure activities.

Passengers can conclude from these awards that their journey will start completely stress-free at Munich Airport. A 5-Star Airport wins its rating among other things for its process efficiency, clear signage and wayfinding, and perfect cleanliness.Event planners wish for their guests to arrive at their events relaxed and motivated. This is why the performance and optimum transport connections of an airport are primary criteria for deciding for or against a destination as the stage for congresses, trade fairs, incentives, and conferences.

102 airlines take off from Munich Airport heading for 266 destinations in 74 countries, 66 of which are intercontinental flights. Optimum accessibility is therefore provided, the more so considering that the airport is hardly 30 kilometres from the Munich's city centre and there is public transportation shuttling between the city and the airport.

The perfect start

Munich Airport offers various individually tailored welcome packages to give congress and conference delegates the warmest of welcomes directly at the airport. For example, when a welcoming committee dressed in dirndls and lederhosen meets the delegates with gingerbread hearts and self-made signs, the event organizers can already put a big plus in the ledger.Arriving delegates can also be welcomed by two or three airport staff members even before they get to passport control. They accompany the arriving guests to get through the formalities quickly and conveniently and thus significantly cut waiting times. The time gained is best used for a first round of photos because the friendly escorts are generally attired in a catching Bavarian style.

For the CEOs and VIPs among the delegates special arrangements can be made for an exclusive reception in the VipWing Terminal. The passengers are met directly on the tarmac by multilingual VIP assistants and chauffeured to the VIP lounge in limousines. For passport control there are private desks in the VipWing Terminal. Their baggage is also handled privately. This then gives the VIPs time to enjoy all the amenities of the VIP lounge. Over an area of 1,700 square metres you will find a central lounge landscape, comfortable suites, showers, quiet workplaces, and office and conference rooms. Elegant, modern design merges with regional accents like larch wood shingles or aromatic stone pine wood. The buffet and bar area includes its own beer garden under a white-and-blue sky with a view of the tower.

The departure can also be made just as pleasant through various services on request. For example, making an appointment for fast-lane customs and tax formalities, organisation of a farewell meal in one of the airport restaurants, or a VIP shopping card for select shops at the airport.

Sustainable conventions

The topic of climate protection has long since reached all areas of life, but travel in particular. Therefore event planners are also faced with the challenge of optimising each and every module of an event in terms of sustainability. An important contribution is made in this sense when the airport of the chosen destination is a leader in climate protection. Flughafen München GmbH is following the ambitious goal of being the first German airport to be CO2-neutral by 2030.

Around €150 million will be invested in this project to reduce CO2 emissions and compensate by supporting regional climate projects. Reductions will be achieved through operating its own combined heat and power plant, improved building technology and a low-emission vehicle fleet. Since 2005 the CO2 emissions per passenger have been reduced by 37%. Many awards and certificates bear witness to the airport's successful efforts in climate protection.

VIP treatment for skylarks, lapwings & co.

What but a few passengers can imagine: Munich Airport lies within the European bird sanctuary "Nördliches Erdinger Moos". 40 endangered bird species have their habitat here and specific biotope measures are taken to protect them. Rare ground breeders evidently feel so much at home on the nutrient-poor airport meadows that the number of breeding pairs is even increasing.

A success story of over a quarter of a century

The Erdinger Moos has been home to Munich Airport since 1992. Unforgotten is the night of the spectacular move on 16th to 17th May 1992. While people in the east of Munich were waving at each plane taking off and holding farewell celebrations, the trucks rolled out with load upon load from Munich Riem to Erdinger Moos according to a very precise plan. In just a few hours after the landing lights went out in Riem the first plane took off from the new airport at 05.55. Not one flight was cancelled and this masterpiece of logistics won international acclaim.



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