Munich's dance labels

Dance dahoam: mixtapes from Munich's dance labels

Munich's night scene is currently in a deep sleep. However, the Sound of Munich is awake and pulsating. We present the three most important Munich dance music labels – each with a mix by their creators. Until you can party outside again, dancing at home is the order of the day!

Public Possession

Founded in 2012, Public Possession is one of the most exciting labels in Munich. The two creators Valentino Betz and Marvin Schuhmann not only release music under Public Possession, they also run a record shop in Klenzestrasse, create stunning fashion, calendar kitchen towels, catering, books and incredibly funny drawings. The sound of Public Possession is similarly diverse. Most of their releases have to do with House and Disco, but there is also some really funky stuff like Folk from the Far East.


In the Mix: Marvin and Valentino, Public Possession DJs


What was the idea behind the mix?
We originally did the mix for the British radio station It is part of a series where record stores introduce themselves. It contains plenty of released and unreleased material from our label plus a few recent releases that we sold in store.

What are you doing now during the crisis?
We try to keep going as best we can, there is enough to do with the label and our non-DJ related work. You have a little more time now, which we use to gather ideas for new projects and to be together with our family.

How will you celebrate the end of the crisis?
It just feels so far away at the moment. You'll probably need some time to start feeling normal again. When the time comes for the clubs to reopen, spinning those tunes will be more fun than ever.


The Mix:


The name says it all. Warm disco sounds are much less the order of the day at one of Munich’s younger labels. Instead, the focus is on anything with deep, reverberating bass. In terms of music, the label is more befitting to England than to tranquil Munich. Hard, often broken beats, tons of bass, shrill, siren-like noises – often rap or vocals that sound as if they came directly from London, Atlanta or Kingston. Unlike other dance floor mixes, the key here is all about maximum variety. Every few minutes there is an abrupt change in style, but always perfectly mixed. For some, this is no doubt too hectic, but the Ruffhouse parties are among the wildest in Munich.


In the Mix: Silviu Slavu a.k.a. Top Shotta, DJ and Labelchef


What is the idea behind the mix?
I recorded the mix for the radio show of the legendary British DJ Marcus Nasty. An absolute honour for me! The idea was to put together tracks that I really like right now and which work well on the dance floor, and then deliver a kind of storytelling with ups and downs.

Where was the last party you played with your label?
The last party we played at was the opening of the archive at Kunstverein München. That was, as always, just way too good.

What are you doing during the crisis?
Trying to make the best of it. I ride my racing bike a lot and prepare releases.

How will you celebrate the end of the crisis?
With a big birthday party with all Ruffhouse members from Helsinki to Seoul!


The Mix:

Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation was founded in 2006 and kick-started a truly great institution: Munich Disco. The speed was slow, the sound warm, deep and yet excessive. Over the years, the two label makers Benjamin Fröhlich and Tom Bioly developed Permanent Vacation into one of the top addresses for dance music in Germany; artists from all over the world release their work here regularly. The music expanded in the direction of Techno and House, but always remained true to the friendly warmth of the Munich nights.


In the Mix: Benjamin Fröhlich, one of the two label makers


What was the idea behind the mix?
The idea behind the mix is to bring forgotten treasures and secret hits from our catalogue back into the spotlight. Two hours of crisp dance therapy for the living room – only with Permanent Vacation material. You can also buy the tracks – as a compilation – on our Bandcamp site. The proceeds go to the refugee aid.

Where was the mix recorded?
At my home, in my living room. That's where you’ll often find me at the moment.

What was the last party you went to?
It was in Frankfurt. That's where I actually got infected with Corona. In any case, I had it after that.

How are you going to celebrate the end of the crisis?
Dancing with a lot of people. And hopefully with a freshly painted apartment by then.


The Mix:



Text: Paul-Philipp Hanske; photos: Frank Stolle


The City of Munich is also affected by the nationwide measures to contain the coronavirus. The good news: hotels and accommodation establishments, indoor and outdoor gastronomy and shops are open again. All other important information about the coronavirus and your stay in Munich can be found here.