Guided excursions

River rafting on the Isar

Explore some of the most beautiful sections of the river Isar on a traditional wooden raft – music and atmosphere included.

Trips may vary depending on the package offered by the provider. Most trips include a traditional Brotzeit (Bavarian snack of bread, meat and cheese), a lunch, cold beer straight from the keg and some musical accompaniment by a brass band or musicians.

The raft tends to float along gently, nevertheless a trip down the Isar does require a bit of nerve: The raft can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h as it shoots down one of the three wild raft slides, an experience guaranteed to raise the spirits of everyone on board.

In the height of summer, guests get to enjoy an extra special treat, with the chance to cool off and swim alongside the raft in quieter sections of the river.

The rafts are rebuilt on a daily basis using strong tree trunks and then taken apart again. They can hold around 50 people.

Tip: Depending on the rafting company, you can either book an entire raft or individual spaces. Find out about special services, such as shuttle buses to Wolfratshausen, lunch options and musical requests and try to book early.


Photo: Frank Stolle

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Due to the coronavirus, several events in Munich are postponed or cancelled. Please check the websites of the hosts and institutions to find out whether events are taking place or visits are possible. For more information about your stay in Munich please have a look here. The tourist information offices at Hauptbahnhof (central station) and at Marienplatz are closed until further notice.

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