A group of humans is sitting on benches in a beer garden in Munich. On a table between them is traditional food and beer.

Beer gardens and Inns for companies

The Munich Feeling

For over 200 years, it has been a tradition in Bavaria: a Maß (liter) of beer is best enjoyed outdoors, accompanied by a Brotzeit (snack) and in the shade of chestnut trees – in the beloved Biergarten (beer garden).

The Beer Garden Culture

We owe this custom in Munich to the Bayerischen Brauordnung (Bavarian Brewing Ordinance) of 1539, which dictated that beer could only be brewed between 29th September and 23rd April. Brewing during the hot summer months posed a significant fire risk. To be prepared for summer, breweries brewed beer in advance and stored it in cellars. To keep the beer cellars cool, breweries planted chestnut trees above them. These trees provided shade and, with their shallow roots, did not compromise the integrity of the cellar structures. This tradition has left its mark on Munich's Biergärten (beer gardens), which are still adorned with these majestic trees today. The inviting atmosphere beneath the chestnut canopy inspired innkeepers and breweries alike to serve the chilled beer directly above the cellars. They set up wooden benches, and thus, the Biergarten – an open-air inn – was born.


A genuine Munich Biergarten is more than just a place; it is a feeling of life. Characteristic features of a Munich Biergarten are wooden beer benches and of course the beer, traditionally enjoyed from a 1-liter Maßkrug (beer mug). Weizenbier (wheat beer), on the other hand, is drunk from 0.5-liter glasses. The heart of every Biergarten is the self-service area, where guests can bring their own food or get typical Bavarian delicacies from various stalls.

By the way, not everything labeled as a Biergarten is actually a Biergarten. Bavarians, including Münchner (residents of Munich), distinguish between Biergärten, Wirtsgärten (inn gardens), and the associated Wirtshäuser (inns). The main difference is that Biergärten always have a self-service area, while guests in Wirtsgärten are served at their tables.


Beer Gardens and Corporate Events – Is That Possible?

Absolutely – and it's highly recommended! Whether you're planning Bavarian-themed evenings, team-building activities, networking events, workshops, product presentations, trade fairs, galas, concerts, or annual general meetings, the versatile combination of Biergarten, Wirtsgarten, and Wirtshaus offers the perfect authentic Bavarian backdrop for your event. Whether as a side attraction or the main venue, these settings will lend a unique and memorable touch to any occasion.

Seven Munich City Beer Gardens


Königlicher Hirschgarten

The Königlicher Hirschgarten (Royal Deer Garden) in the western part of the city is the largest beer garden in the world, offering an impressive 7,000 seats. Sunny terraces provide additional space for smaller gatherings and receptions. The banqueting options in the Königlicher Hirschgarten combine traditional Bavarian charm with modern event options.


Indoor areas

Capacity: Up to 80 guests
Rustic-cozy atmosphere

Poststüberl and Ludwigsstüberl:
Capacity: Up to 26 people per stüberl (small room)
Two stylish rooms

Capacity: Up to 40 guests
Room in hunting lodge style

Capacity: Up to 70 people
Room with antique wooden paneling and old hunting features

Capacity: Up to 160 guests
Large room with direct access to the beer garden

Capacity: Up to 150 people
Modeled after a traditional barn

Capacity: 56 to 310 people
By combining various rooms, flexible event concepts can be realized, accommodating parties from 56 to 310 people.


The Augustiner-Keller in Maxvorstadt, one of Munich's oldest and most traditional beer gardens, offers the perfect setting for various event formats with its diverse interior spaces and terraces. The spacious beer garden with 5,000 seats is ideal for relaxed summer events or corporate celebrations. The sunny terraces, accommodating up to 200 guests, are perfect for smaller gatherings and receptions.


Indoor areas

Large ballroom:
Capacity: Up to 600 guests
Company celebrations or conferences

Capacity: Up to 50 guests
Rustic ambience

Capacity: Up to 80 guests
Historic cellar room

Park Café

The Park Café in Munich combines Bavarian lifestyle with international flair and offers a remarkable location for a variety of events in the middle of the Old Botanical Garden. The beer garden "Freisitz" (open seating) creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere and with a capacity for up to 300 guests, it is ideal for corporate parties, summer festivals, or informal gatherings.


Indoor areas

Capacity: Up to 100 people
Floor-to-ceiling windows and a bright, friendly atmosphere

Münchener Stuben:
Capacity: Up to 150 people
Cozy atmosphere with a view of the main stage and the open kitchen

König Ludwig Stube:
Capacity: For smaller groups of up to 80 people.
Area can be visually separated from other areas


Biergarten at the Chinesischer Turm

The Biergarten at the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower) in the Englischer Garten (english garden) is ideal for showing your guests or employees something typically Munich. Cozy wooden benches and shady chestnut trees create an authentic Bavarian atmosphere. The expansive area can accommodate up to 7,000 guests, and in good weather, a brass band plays in the 25-meter high tower. Since the 19th century, the early morning "Kocherlball" has also been held here once a year in the summer, where Munich residents meet for folk dancing.

Bar am Seehaus

At the southern end of the Englischer Garten, directly on the Kleinhesseloher See, lies the Seehaus (Lake House). The most coveted tables and popular photo spots in the beer garden, seating 2,500 people, are right by the water. On the slightly elevated wooden terrace of the Bar am Seehaus, with a DJ and lounge furniture, you can experience beer garden 2.0. Inside, the Seehaus offers capacities up to 180 people across four rooms.


Indoor areas

Capacity: Up to 180 people
Elegant dining experience with a view of the lake

Capacity: Up to 120 people
Charming atmosphere

Banquet room:
Capacity: Up to 60 people
Conferences, corporate events

Bayerisches Stüberl:
Capacity: Up to 70 people
Traditional Bavarian ambience

Entire Seehaus (full buyout):
Capacity: Up to 430 people
The entire Seehaus can be booked for large functions and exclusive events.

Paulaner am Nockherberg

The Paulaner am Nockherberg combines traditional Bavarian hospitality with modern event possibilities, making it a popular venue for various occasions. The traditional beer garden offers space for over 2,000 guests and is divided into a served area and a large self-service area, perfect for relaxed summer events. In addition to the beer garden, charming banquet rooms are available for 20 to 250 people. It also has the largest festival hall in the city, equipped with state-of-the-art in-house technology on 1,700 sqm, which is highly divisible and can accommodate up to 3,000 guests.


Indoor areas

Large Festival Hall:
Capacity: Up to 3,000 guests
Large celebrations such as corporate events or conferences

Capacity: Up to 180 guests
Cozy cellar room

Capacity: Up to 250 guests
Spacious room with historical flair

Capacity: Up to 60 guests
Elegant room with stylish decor

Room Munich:
Capacity: Up to 60 guests
Modern room for workshops, training sessions, and smaller seminars

Small Rooms:
Capacity: Variable depending on the room, from 20 to 50 guests
Several smaller, charming rooms



Capacity: Up to 100 guests
Elegant, glass pavilion

Mountain Chalet:
Capacity: Up to 150 guests
Cozy hut in alpine style

Biergarten at the Viktualienmarkt

The most central Biergarten in Munich is located at the Viktualienmarkt, right in the postcard-perfect scenery of the city. There are no event rooms here, but as long as the market stalls are open, you will find the city's largest culinary selection and a unique curiosity: since Munich didn't want to favor any one brewery, all six Munich breweries take turns serving beer here – each for a few weeks at a time. A sign at the tap informs you which beer is currently being offered!

Experience Genuine Munich Hospitality

Are you looking for a venue that represents the typical Munich feeling? Then why not plan your next event in a Biergarten, Wirtsgarten, or Wirtshaus in our city?

The Munich Convention Bureau team is your reliable partner. Leverage our local expertise and experience to transform your event into an unforgettable Munich experience. Our services are neutral, free of charge, and customized to fit your unique needs.



Text: RG Collection; Photos: Augustiner Keller München, München Tourismus, Christian Kasper, Luis Gervasi, Bar am Seehaus, Paulaner am Nockherberg
A plate of obazda on a big pretzel in Augustiner-Keller beer garden in Munich.

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