In June, Munich is a big stage: The Filmfest München and the open-air cinema “Kino, Mond & Sterne“ attract with creative cinematic art. The Tollwood Festival takes care of nature conservation – and concerts that last.


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Events in June 2024: Typically Munich 


Corso Leopold 2024

The “Corso Leopold“ is one of the most colourful and creative street festivals you can imagine. On the weekend from 1 to 2 June 2024, all cars are banned from Leopoldstrasse in Schwabing between Siegestor and Münchner Freiheit. The one-kilometre-long promenade will be dedicated to art and culture in all its forms: from music and arts and crafts to discussion events, street football, a beer garden and participatory programmes for the whole family.

Corso Leopold, 1 to 2 June 2024, Leopoldstrasse


Munich's city birthday 2024 (Stadtgeburtstag)

Munich celebrates its 866th birthday! Under the motto "Spin right round again!", the city center will be transformed into a celebration mile on 8 and 9 June 2024. To coincide with the European Football Championships, which start a week later in Munich, there will be an exciting program of sport and exercise, traditional highlights such as the craftsmen's village on Odeonsplatz, a Ferris wheel on Wittelsbacherplatz for a great view and, of course, music, music, music on all the stages. Celebrate with us!

Münchner Stadtgeburtstag, 8. und 9. Juni 2024, Altstadt


Brewers' Day 2024 (Brauertag)

It's a tradition: every two years, young brewers are honored on Marienplatz. As part of this, they also solemnly pledge to uphold the City of Munich's Purity Law of 1487. The all-day event includes a church service, stand-up concert, parade and much more.

Brewers' Day, June 15, 2024, Marienplatz

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Summer Festival Tollwood 2024

The Tollwood Festival in the Olympiapark stands for summery lightness – and this year, from 21 June to 21 July 2024, serious topics will again be on the agenda: Tolerance, diversity of cultures, fair animal husbandry and a sustainable approach to nature, which is also lived out at the festival. People from all over the world chat at wooden tables and green hills over beer and international organic food. Famous musicians play jazz, rock or pop in the circus tents. There are also unusual theatre productions and fascinating performances by artists and acrobats. All this is surrounded by the stands of the “Market of Ideas“, where all kinds of handicrafts are offered for sale.

Tollwood, 21 June to 21 July 2024, Olympiapark Süd


Top events in June 2024


Zamanand-Festival 2024

The Zamanand Festival has the motto “Sustainability, Diversity and Tolerance“. In cooperation with the Department for Climate and Environmental Protection and M-net, this year's first festival will take place on 01 and 02 June and 14 and 15 September between Odeonsplatz and Siegestor. Thanks to the car-free day, the Zamanand-Festival offers a large platform for the entire urban society, the core topics are environmental protection and social cohesion. With numerous events, 8 stages, workshops and information booths, the festival aims to help raise awareness of today's challenges and set an example for a better future.

Zamanand Festival, 1 to 2 June & 14 to 15 September 2024, Ludwigstrasse between Odeonsplatz and Siegestor

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PULS Open Air 2024

Every year a very special festival takes place on the grounds of Kaltenberg Castle: The young radio station PULS from the Bavarian Radio invites the best musicians of the hour in front of a great backdrop. This year's programme from 6 to 8 Juni 2024 features many German-speaking artists – including Giant Rooks, Badmómzjay und Levin Liam. There will also be live podcasts and workshops.

PULS Open Air 2022, 6 June to 8 June 2024, Schloss Kaltenberg Geltendorf


European Championship opening game at the Allianz Arena

A great honour for Munich: The 2024 European Championships will kick off at the Allianz Arena in Fröttmaning, which will be called the “Munich Football Arena“ for the occasion. The opening match between Germany and Scotland will take place on 14 June 2024 at 9 pm. A total of six EURO 2024 football matches will be staged in Munich - including Slovenia v Serbia and Serbia v Denmark in June 2024.

European Championship opening game, 14 June 2024, Allianz Arena

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Munich Film Festival

For many Munich residents, the film festival is one of the highlights of the year. International stars come to the city and discuss current topics, the film business and themselves at world premieres. From 28 June to 7 July 2024, cineastes will go to the city's cinemas day and night to experience original versions of independent and Hollywood films from numerous countries.

Munich Film Festival, 28 June to 7 July 2024, different locations

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Munich Opera Festival 2024

The Munich Opera Festival will take place from 28 June to 31 July 2024 to close the season. With opera premieres, ballet, concerts and song recitals, the Bavarian State Opera presents an extensive festival programme, which this year focuses on three major works by Richard Strauss.  

Munich Opera Festival, 28 June to 31 July 2024, Nationaltheater


More great events in June 2024


Midnightbazar – Night flea market in the Olympiastadion

It's not only the people of Munich who love it: The Midnightbazar is a regularly flea market that always opens its doors in the afternoon or in the evening. So that visitors feel well entertained while searching for treasures, live music and street food is also provided. This time, the night flea market in the Olympiastadion is pitching its tents – and is attracting visitors with over 500 exhibitors and public viewing.

Midnightbazar, date not fixed yet, Olympiastadion


„Fesch”: Queer pop-up beer garden at Nussbaumpark

The queer pub "fesch" opened in the Glockenbach district just last year and has been welcoming more than just the LGBTQ* community ever since. This summer, the pub is expanding its offering: In the Nussbaumpark at Sendlinger Tor, the associated beer garden is open daily between 4 and 11 pm in good weather - and attracts visitors over the months with around 25 concerts, cold beer and vegan dishes.

Fesch Biergarten, 10 May till 31 August 2024, Nußbaumstraße 1


The Kulturstrand is a place of encounter and relaxation with a cultural programme for all Munich residents and their guests. Throughout the summer it offers an open cultural platform and meeting place – everyone is cordially invited to join in thinking, talking and shaping. All dates for the music, children's and sports programme or other events can be found throughout the summer in the Kulturstrand programme calendar and on the official Facebook page! On the Facebook page, the organisers also provide information about rain, highlights and life at Kulturstrand. All activities are free of charge!

Kulturstrand, 1 May to 9 September 2024, Corneliusbrücke

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Summer cinema “Kino, Mond & Sterne“

For romantic evenings, the somewhat more contemplative summer open-air “Kino, Mond & Sterne“ on the Seebühne in the Westpark has plenty in store. On picnic blankets and the warm stone steps of the semicircular amphitheatre, guests can experience classics such as “Drive“ from June to September in convivial company, laugh together at successful dialogues, hope with their film heroes or sing well-known melodies together in the choir – sometimes even in the summer rain. The open-air cinema opens this year on 6 June 2024!


Kino, Mond & Sterne, Season start on 06 June 2024, Seebühne (lake stage) in Westpark

Street party for the CSD Christopher Street Day

Every June the Glockenbachviertel is particularly colourful. Here and at Marienplatz, heterosexuals, gays and lesbians celebrate “Christopher Street Day“ on 22 and 23 June 2024 with a parade and big street party. This will all take place as part of PrideWeeks, which will be in Munich from 8 to 23 June 2024!

CSD Munich, 22 and 23 June 2024, Marienplatz and Glockenbachviertel

Festival of the Future 2024

For four days, the Forum of the Future at the Deutsches Museum Munich will provide insights into the latest technological developments from artificial intelligence, climate tech and quantum technology to Web3 and metaverse. Over 150 speakers from start-ups and industry, science and investors, art and politics have been invited. The programme includes top-class keynotes, discussions and workshops, as well as an interactive exhibition, art and performances. All of this will take place on 27 and 28 June 2024 during the conference days. On 29 and 30 June 2024, families are particularly welcome - the programme of workshops, games and interaction is exciting for young and old, admission is free and a street party on the Museum Island rounds off the whole thing!

Festival of the Future, 27 to 30 June 2024, Forum of the Future at the Deutsches Museum


Concerts in Juni 2024

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Nymphenburger Schlosskonzerte (Palace concerts)

Even the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart made music at Schloss Nymphenburg – so it's fitting that the Nymphenburg Palace Concerts have been taking place in this fantastic setting for over ten years. Baroque and classical artists perform every month in the Hubertussaal in the north wing of the palace. At the “Dinner & Concert“, you can combine the concert evening with a three-course meal in the neighbouring Schweige Palace Restaurant. 

Nymphenburger Schlosskonzerte, 8 & 29 June 2024, Hubertussaal in Nymphenburg Palace

Bilderbuch at the Tollwood Summer Festival

The Austrian band “Bilderbuch“ has had a stellar career in recent years, constantly reinventing itself along the way. With their new EP “Softpower“, they are now coming to Munich for a concert - and will open this year's Tollwood Summer Festival on 21 June 2024.

Bilderbuch, 21 June 2024, Tollwood / Olympiapark Süd

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Königsplatz Concerts

On 28 June 2024, Peter Maffay will give a concert on Königsplatz. Roland Kaiser will follow one day later on 29 June 2024.

Concerts on Königsplatz, 28 and 29 June 2023, Königsplatz

You can find a well curated selection on Munich - City of Music.


Events for families and children in June 2024


The Magical Music of Harry Potter

A must for all Harry Potter fans: the film orchestra is touring all over Europe and will also be stopping off in Munich. On 15 June 2024, you can experience the special music from all eight Harry Potter films live at Circus Krone.

The Magical Music of Harry Potter, 15 June 2024, Circus Krone


International Fairs June 2024

OutDoor by ISPO

From 3 to 5 June 2024 the international sports and outdoor industry will meet in Munich. The focus will be on health, nature, mobility and urbanity as well as sustainability. OutDoor by ISPO also offers deep insights into socially relevant trends and developments that go beyond the industry itself. Interactive, digital offers will round off the live event.

OutDoor by ISPO, 3 June to 5 June 2024, Messe München

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Einhundert Prozent Champagne 2024

Germany's first champagne trade fair is taking place in Munich for the third time this year: At “One Hundred Percent Champagne“ on 9 and 10 June 2024, selected sommeliers from Champagne will present their fine wines. While the first day of the trade fair is open to all sparkling wine fans, only the specialist wine trade and the catering trade will have access on the second day. During tastings and masterclasses, you can learn a lot about champagne!

Einhundert Prozent Champagne, 9 and 10 June 2024, MTC world of fashion Munich


What else happens in Munich in June:


Barbecuing on the Isar – that is a way of life

Barbecuing on the Isar reminds you just how great it is to be alive. On warm summer evenings, people flock to the river in their thousands. The banks are jam-packed all the way up and down stream. Since its renaturisation, many locals see the Isar as their second home. It's a place where they can relax, enjoy the sunshine, meet their friends, grab a beer or bite to eat. And it’s incredibly simple, too. The only things you need to spend the evening at the Isar after a hard day’s work is a picnic basket full of treats, a blanket and a barbecue. You can find a handy single-use version of the latter at petrol stations and supermarkets. It’s important to take care when picking your spot. While picnics are allowed almost anywhere along the Isar, barbecues are not. In the city centre area, the section known as Flaucher, to the south of Brudermühlbrücke bridge, is the only part that allows barbecues. The second BBQ zone stretches around the island near Oberföhring in northern Munich. Security guards keep an eye out and issue fines to anyone in breach of the rules. If you are unsure whether barbecues are allowed, you can check the City of Munich’s free Isar app, which contains a wealth of information. The BBQ areas also have large bins where you can empty your charcoal.

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The excursion tip in June: Johannifeuer in Werdenfelser Land

Grainau’s Midsummer Night bonfire is one of the finest in the entire Alpine region. Every year, locals from the village of Grainau light their fires in the mountains on the evening of 23 June. Before the fires are lit, young men from the village ascend the mountain, building fires on peaks, ridges and ledges. As darkness begins to descend, Waxenstein ridge slowly transforms into one long chain of lights. The mountain appears to light up, looking almost as if it’s engulfed in flames. While this is going on, the young men start their descent back down to the valley, using flares and headlamps to light their way in the dark. These bonfires can be traced back to a pagan ritual performed on 23 June for thousands of years. This is the day when the night is at its shortest and the day at its longest. These days, the fires are lit in honour of a saint. On 24 June, Catholics remember John the Baptist, which is why the bonfires are known Johannifeuer (St John’s Fire).

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Always a good idea: a cycling tour through the south of Munich

The southern part of Munich is home to lots of trees and water – the ideal destination for a bike tour, particularly in hot weather. Menterschwaige is a popular finishing point for tours. This beer garden and its canopy of chestnut trees is located directly above the Isar river so it is pretty easy to find. Simply follow the Isar southwards out of the city centre, past the Tierpark (zoo), Flaucher park and power station. Menterschwaige is directly opposite the statue of the Isar raftsman on the eastern banks of the Isar. There are several paths leading to the beer garden. If you're not quite ready for a break, cross over Menterschwaigstrasse and Schmorellplatz to Geiselgaststeigstrasse. This road leads you past Perlacher Forest, which is also a nice place for a detour. The smaller forest paths have been gravelled and there are a few larger tarmacked paths. If you decide to stick to Geiselgaststeigstrasse and go north instead, you can either stop at Harlachinger Jagdschlössl (a former castle-turned-restaurant with its own beer fountain) or Harlachinger Einkehr, a restaurant on a hill above the zoo. From here, a path will lead you back down to the Isar. Many underground stations or S-Bahn stations have MVG bikes available to rent (provided by the local transport network). There is also a number of private rental agencies.

Tip: You can book a guided bicycle tour through the city and the Englischer Garten with us. The experienced guide will show you Munich's most important sights – rental bike and city map are included!


A detailed calendar of events can be found here.



Text: München Tourismus; Photos: Christian Kasper, Ingmar Wein, Kino, Mond & Sterne, Bernhard Schmidt, Frank Stolle
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