New Heritage-Festival, Praterinsel

Festivals and more

From January to December, Munich will be celebrating at festivals and open air events. You can also enjoy a movie in open air cinemas. Here are the most important dates.

MPHIL 360°

At this year's "MPHIL 360°" festival everything is about Paris in the 1920s.
31 January - 2 February 2020
Philharmonie im Gasteig and Muffathalle

Ball season 2020

from 24 January 2020
Deutsches Theater

Munich Creative Business Week

7 - 15 March 2020
various venues

St. Patrick's Day 2020

17 March 2020
various parades and parties

Super Bloom

among others with David Guette, Miley Cyrus or Scooter
5 and 6 March 2020


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Photo: Monsieurmueller / Daniel Müller


The City of Munich is also affected by the nationwide tightened measures to contain the coronavirus. All important information about the coronavirus and your stay in Munich can be found here.