Campaign: “Summer in the City”

Views, visits and experiences you shouldn’t miss this summer

Munich is celebrating summer 2020 in style, with an outstanding programme of cultural activities, games, sport and entertainment. Large parts of the program were extended until October 4. Here’s a round-up of the best locations:


That’s a surprising sight! In the Maxvorstadt district, against the backdrop of the city gate known as the “Munich Acropolis”, on Königsplatz you’ll see a Ferris wheel turning. Ride in one of its 24 gondolas for a panoramic vista that opens up completely new perspectives; from your vantage point 45 metres up in the air you can enjoy a view that takes in the museums of the Kunstareal art district, the Olympiaturm tower in the north of the city and the distinctive onion-shaped domes of the Frauenkirche. Some days, you can even see as far as the mountains. After dark, the multi-coloured lights of the Ferris wheel are a joyful sight in their own right. Children from the age of six will love the exciting ups, downs and hairpin bends of the “Kinzlers Pirateninsel” pirate-themed roller coaster, while smaller kids can enjoy a gentle flight on the jumbo jet ride. The nostalgic chair swing ride is sure to attract traditionalist funfair enthusiasts, who can take a spin through the air and then enjoy roasted almonds, bratwurst, crepes, chocolate-dipped fruit and even a little glass of prosecco from one of the kiosks and stands dotted around the area.

For the "Summer in the City" campaign, clubs, associations and departments of the City of Munich have decided to offer an attractive programme on various squares in the city at least for the duration of the Bavarian summer holidays from the end of July to mid-September. The summer in Munich should thus become a great experience for all Munich residents and their guests, despite the necessary restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic. Hygiene requirements and distance rules were taken into account in all programme items. The "Summer in the City" program is constantly updated. Daily updated information can be found here.

Olympic Stadium

Summer in the City is also taking over the historic Olympic Stadium building. Almost 50 years after its construction for the 1972 Olympic Games, observers still wonder at how the roof structure of this landmark can appear so light and airy. Though the stage under that roof is usually reserved for international music greats, bands from various Munich labels will continue to perform daily from 7pm until September 29th.

All bands and dates:

Olympiapark: Festival grounds and Coubertinplatz

The Olympiapark, or "Olipark", as we Munich residents affectionately call it, is the extensive park area inspired by the hilly landscape of the foothills of the Alps, which remained and grew dear to our hearts after the Olympics. It can be explored on foot or by bicycle. There is a real small alpine pasture and the Olympic lake. For a panoramic view of Munich and the surrounding area, you can ride up to the Olympic Tower, which is over 290 metres high - or you can take the opportunity that is now available in summer and choose a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel on Coubertinplatz.

The Olympic Park awaits its visitors with folk festival entertainment and everything that goes with it. Apart from the Coubertinplatz, there are also celebrations on the so-called festival grounds. If one wanted to explain the difference between the offers, one could say, yes, my, on the festival area, there it is a bit more Bavarian.

The Bayern Tower Kettenflieger, or “chain flyer”, looks rather like an oversized maypole – but this 90-metre-tall attraction offers a bit more of an adrenaline rush for riders as it spins them at speeds of up to 65 kilometres per hour. Nearby you’ll find Heidi – the Coaster, a spectacular roller coaster that hits top speeds of around 58 kilometres per hour along its 430-metre-long track. In the Münchner Lach- und Freu-Haus funhouse, visitors can put their agility to the test as they negotiate rotating hay bales, the Resis Spiegelkammer chamber of mirrors and a cowbell maze. And what’s the ideal way to round off a visit in Bavarian style? We recommend Haxn, Hendl or Steckerlfisch – local treats of pork knuckle, chicken or fish, grilled on a stick! You’ll find plenty of these on offer.

From not far away, on Coubertinplatz, you’ll hear shouts, rushing torrents, rapids, a waterfall – but don’t worry, this is no natural disaster! Instead you’ll find a lot of water-borne fun as visitors ride rafts on the Rio Rapids, in an area that’s a little less hectic than the festival grounds.


How we missed the Dult traditional market this year! How nice that in the context of "Summer in the City" a variant of this traditional Munich "folk festival with market bustle" offers a great way of exploring the charming city neighbourhoods of Haidhausen and Au, where the atmospheric lanes make you feel almost as though you’re in a village – in the heart of the city.

Dishes and household goods, spices, knitwear, socks, traditional costumes and much more can be purchased at Orleansplatz and Weißenburger Platz during open-air shopping until October 4.  It’s not all about shopping either: don’t miss out on enjoying a regional delicacy such as Steckerlfisch (fish grilled on a stick) or Bratwurstsemmeln (bratwurst in a bread roll), perhaps followed by a sweet treat of chocolate-covered fruit, roasted almonds or ice cream. And let’s not forget the coconut shy, games booths and carousels.

Video: Summer in the city

All the city’s a stage

Everyone knows that Munich can do culture. But this summer of culture is something very special, as it brings the opportunity to experience music and theatre in every part of the city – in the inner courtyards of many museums and on stages from Munich-Solln to Munich-Moosach – for the most part free of charge . Well-known cabaret artists such as Luise Kinseher, Django Asül and Christian Springer will be performing on a stage in the inner courtyard of the Deutsches Theater for example.

The Eulenspiegel Flying Circus Open-Air in the inner courtyard of the Deutsches Museum is also part of the programme. Until October 5, renowned artists, musicians and cabaret artists such as Stephan Zinner, Helge Schneider, Günther Grünwald, Hans Söllner, Pam Pam Ida and Dreiviertelblut will perform there. The costs for the various cabaret and concert performances vary between 25 and 30 Euros.

Circus ripe is also the funniest car wash in Munich.  On Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., around 20 clowns and artists from Circus Krone clean their customers' cars for 15 euros each, with lots of foam and clownery.

 At the Trachtival in Munich's "Werksviertel" you can come in Dirndl or Lederhosen. It takes place every Tuesday to Sunday until 25.10. The huge Ferris wheel can be seen from far away, and at its feet a mixture of other rides, food stalls and beer garden atmosphere awaits visitors. On the "Herbstbühne" (autumn stage) at Knödelplatz, bands play music that you would otherwise have heard at the Oktoberfest at this time of year. 

The Backstage at the Friedenheimer Brücke offers a cultural program with concerts and shows in its outdoor area under a tent roof.  On the program are performances of "d'Artagnan", "Feuerschwanz", "Long Distance Calling"
and "Covenant." Finally, the medieval folk band Schandmaul will play there on October 9 and 10. Tickets are available online directly from the backstage.

This offer no longer exists: The Wanderbühne (wandering stage) stopped at a total of 13 stations around Munich, hosting free Rock, pop, classical, folk music, jazz an world music performances by artists from each respective district.


This oval and largely undeveloped area in the city centre is mostly paved but for a few small chamomile fields, and would usually be the site of Oktoberfest, the world’s largest folk festival – though not this year. The open and unbuilt area offers an unimpeded view that is enjoyed by city dwellers - and was the ideal place for a wide range of space-consuming leisure sports during the "Summer in the City". Unfortunately, this offer no longer exists, but the small sandy beach with deckchairs under real palm trees and stalls where drinks and snacks are sold will remain until October 4.


Beer gardens

You can’t have a real Munich summer without the beer garden experience. These spaces are havens where you can relax, enjoy a cool drink and even eat a snack that you have brought in yourself. This year, many of Munich’s beer gardens have invited brass bands, Bavarian dance hall and folk musicians, traditional Schuhplattler folk dancers and Goaßlschnalzer whip-crackers to perform for their patrons. Unmissable spots in which to enjoy a legendary beer garden summer include the Paulaner am Nockherberg beer garden, the Hofbräukeller beer cellar, the Aumeister beer garden in Englischer Garten park, the beer garden at the Chinesischer Turm, the Hopfengarten beer garden, the Kugleralm beer garden, Radlingers Weißbiergarten in Olympiapark, and a host of other beer gardens around the city.


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Text: Karoline Graf; Photos: Frank Stolle


Holidays in Munich are finally possible again! Hotels and guesthouses can welcome guests again, museums and galleries are open, guided tours are possible, and gastronomy is allowed to serve guests inside and outside. Strict hygiene regulations apply to all attractions and service providers. All important information about the coronavirus and your stay in Munich can be found here. See you soon in Munich!