Event: "Summer in the city"

Munich in summer mood

When is summer going to arrive? Munich has leaped into life from the end of July 2020, with music, theatre, sports, games and beer gardens. Most of the programs were extended until October 4. Seven reasons why "Summer in the City" was a great event worth travelling.

1. It doesn’t get any fresher than this: Experience culture spontaneously, on the move and in the open air

Organisers all over Munich have worked together to produce an open-air cultural programme which includes concerts, theatre, cabaret and other events such as the main Summer Stage in Olympiapark and the Trachtival in the Werksviertel. Munich’s theatres, museums and institutions are also involved in the Summer in the City cultural programme.

As part of "Summer in the City", the Volkstheater offers theater performances until September 26.

The concert initiative MONOCORONA was launched on September 2. Musicians, artists and Munich bands will come together in a series of live concerts in the Munich city area to spread good spirits until September 26th as well.

Art in public space, such as the bronze sculpture "Bavaria" by Alicja Kwade on Cornelius Bridge or the work of the artist Rut Massó on Lenbachplatz, can be seen in many places in the city. From the end of July, the Bridge Sprout project on the upper part of the Schwindinsel will offer a completely different view of the Isar river. In addition, an art campaign in the Glockenbachviertel neighbourhood, entitled “The Commons”, focusses on the public sphere. As part of this project, urban art murals will appear on the Breakout building on the corner of Bayerstraße and Schillerstraße and also on the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA).

For the "Summer in the City" campaign, clubs, associations and departments of the City of Munich have decided to offer an attractive programme on various squares in the city at least for the duration of the Bavarian summer holidays from the end of July to mid-September. The summer in Munich should thus become a great experience for all Munich residents and their guests, despite the necessary restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic. Hygiene requirements and distance rules were taken into account in all programme items. The "Summer in the City" program is constantly updated. Daily updated information can be found here.

2. Munich is swapping the balcony for the beer garden once more 

We all know that one swallow does not make a Munich summer, and as such we have gladly exchanged that cool sip on our balconies at home for a portion of joyful togetherness at Summer in the City. Over 20 Munich beer gardens have created a warm convivial atmosphere, with amusements for old and young alike, by offering artists stages for small performances and hosting stalls and fairground rides for visitors to enjoy.


3. The best side of the summer at the Olympiapark

The expansive Olympiapark, in which the 1972 Summer Olympics were held, is at the centre of the action. A fairground with market stalls, booths, gastronomic offerings and carousels extends from the Olympiahalle arena, through Coubertinplatz and Festivalgelände (festival area) and along the Olympiasee lake. The central stage for the "Summer in the City" event is set up in the Olympic stadium, to host a range of concerts that will take place until September 26. After dark, the film programme will kick off at the open-air cinema beside the Olympiasee lake.

4. Free training and relaxation in the fresh air

Many of the recreational sports activities offered at "Summer in the City" have come to an end with the arrival of autumn and will certainly remain in the best memories of the participants. On the Theresienwiese, children, teenagers and the young-at-heart of all ages were offered a huge range of free games and sports until late September.

Up to 24.10. it continues on the Theresienwiese with free fitness offers. From 6 to 7 pm there is "Kickboxing" on Mondays, "Fitness Classic" on Tuesdays , "Bodystyling" on Wednesdays and "Zumba" on Thursdays. On the so-called "Bavarian Friday" there is a "Wiesn-Wadl-Workout" on the program and "Bavarian Linedance", which starts an hour later at 7 pm. (For organisational reasons, registration at volkstanz@muenchen.de is necessary for the "Bavarian Line Dance".)

At "Fit im Park" people who enjoy movement and relaxation can also take part in yoga classes and fitness in Westpark, Ostpark, Luitpoldpark, Aubinger Ostpark, Hermann-von-Siemens-Sportpark and Riemer Park free of charge and also until 24.10. Here daily starting from 6 pm different training units of Fitness power over Yoga and Pilates and even Slacklinen are offered. New is the offer of meditation in the morning from 8 am in the Rosengarten or in the evening from 6.45 pm in the Ostpark.


5. Palm tree garden at Theresienwiese

 A total of 30 deckchairs are waiting, so visitors can relax under the palm trees. As there are no restaurants in the palm garden, guests can bring their own food and drinks with them; it will also be possible to buy snacks, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks at various stands.

6. Markets for beautiful and useful things

The traditional markets that are held annually for the Auer Dult traditional fair and the Stadtgründungsfest celebrating the birth of the city are sorely missed in Munich this year, as the coronavirus pandemic has made it impossible for them to take place in their traditional form. Nevertheless, some stall holders have brought a little Auer Dult flair to the "Summer in the City" event. At Orleansplatz and Weißenburger Platz stalls are selling Bavarian delicacies and the typical offerings usually found at the Dult markets – such as crockery, traditional costumes, spices, wooden goods and other household items.

The arts and crafts course in downtown Munich will continue until October 2 between Odeonsplatz and Max-Joseph-Platz. Here, visitors will be able to wander among stalls offering jewellery, pottery and other fine goods between 10 am and 8 pm every Thursday and Friday. You are, of course, very welcome to purchase as well as browse!


7. Last but not least: the Ferris wheel at Königsplatz

A Ferris wheel operates all summer long against the venerable backdrop of the Glyptothek temple structures, collection of antiquities and Propylaea gate at Königsplatz. From the top of the wheel, riders can enjoy a panoramic view over the most Grecian of Munich’s squares, far off to the north of the city and to the onion domes of the Frauenkirche – a vista that would probably also have delighted King Ludwig I, who commissioned the building of Königsplatz. Carnival workers and market traders ensure a summery, festive atmosphere around the fairground ride, which stands some 50 metres tall.


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Text: Karoline Graf; Photos: Christian Kasper, Dominik Parzinger, Redline Enterprises


The City of Munich is also affected by the nationwide tightened measures to contain the coronavirus. All important information about the coronavirus and your stay in Munich can be found here.