Tavern with a long history

The city’s second oldest tavern: Donisl has a long and rich history and is also bringing an almost-forgotten local style of cooking back to life.

The tavern on Marienplatz square first opened its doors over 300 years ago. Originally known as the “Bierwirtschaft am Markt” (The Tavern at the Market), it was given the name Donisl in 1760 in honour of the lessee at the time, Dionysius Haertl. These days, Donisl treats its guests to Bavarian and Austrian cuisine with seasonal specials served in a freshly renovated ambience.

If you are there for breakfast or brunch then you can enjoy some original Munich Weisswurst sausages. Traditional Bavarian tavern-style dishes, such as Schweinekrustenbraten (roast pork with crackling) or Rindsrouladen (beef roulade), and creative fish dishes draw in the crowds at lunch and dinner.

The menu here also features dishes from Munich’s traditional Siede-style cuisine, which is celebrating a comeback here in Donisl. Siedefleisch dishes are made using boiled cuts of beef from the Chiemgau region of Upper Bavaria. They are usually served in pots on the table, enabling guests to help themselves. It’s almost like being at home.



Photo: Donisl Gaststätten Betriebs GmbH


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