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Dachau Concentration Camp

Remembering the victims of National Socialism: this day trip will lead you to one of the sites of the darkest chapter of German history.

Pay tribute to the victims of National Socialism by visiting the concentration camp in Dachau, which Adolf Hitler ordered to be built for political prisoners just a few weeks after becoming Reich Chancellor.

The camp was to serve as a model for all subsequent concentration camps and a "school of violence" for the men of the SS. 41,500 people were murdered in the twelve years the camp existed. It wasn't until 29 April 1945 that the Americans freed the last survivors from the camp. Please be respectful and visit the memorial site wearing appropriate clothing.

You will be taken back in time to what is regarded as the darkest chapter of German history. During the journey to Dachau and also in the concentration camp itself, tour guides will provide you with key historical information. Visit the museum and watch the memorial site's documentary film for a deeper insight into everything that happened at the camp.

Tickets can be purchased in Munich's Tourist Information Centres at the central station and Marienplatz (New Town Hall).


Foto: Gedenkstätte Dachau

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