Deutsches Museum

Be amazed and join in

The Deutsche Museum (German Museum) in Munich is one of the largest and most traditional science and technology museums in the world.

Founded over 100 years ago, the Deutsche Museum now houses one of the most important natural history collections in the world.

At the main building on Münchner Museumsinsel (Munich museum island), at the Verkehrszentrum transport museum next to Bavariapark and at Flugwerft Schleissheim aviation museum, visitors are encouraged to get involved and have a hands-on experience with demonstrations, experiments and media stations. The master pieces on show are sure to have you in awe and awaken your spirit for discovery: From early computers and aeroplanes, the first-ever petrol car and giant ships, to the world’s first microscopes.

The subjects covered by the museum are diverse: From astronomy to marine biology, nanotechnology to mining, clocks and musical instruments all the way to pharmaceuticals. The Deutsche Museum classes itself as a home of active learning, giving children and adults the chance to quench their thirst for knowledge by hearing, seeing, touching, testing and experiencing!

The exhibits in the Museumsinsel building are currently being renovated. Part of the building is therefore closed on a temporary basis. With an exhibition space of around 25,000 square metres during this initial renovation phase, the museum still holds far too much to see in just one day.



Photo: Deutsches Museum