Dult is cult!

Celebrating with tradition

Three times a year for nine days of shopping, searching, watching, shopping and amusing. Maidult, Jakobidult and Kirchweihdult are cult in Munich.

The typical Munich market with folk festival fun has a long tradition. In 1796, Elector Karl Theodor gave the suburb of Au the right to hold a fair twice a year. Since then there have been the Auer Dulten. The oldest of the three Dulten, the Jakobidult, was mentioned in 1310 in the town's charter book and came to Mariahilfplatz in 1905.

Originally the name meant "tult" or "Dult" church festival. In the course of time the word changed its meaning and stood for "fairground". Today, 290 market merchants and showmen offer their goods and folk festival attractions on 22,000 square metres of floor space.

Video: Auer Dult

The Auer Dult is just as popular with Munich residents as it is with visitors. Children and young visitors especially enjoy the fairground with lots of rides to enjoy: bumper cars, carousel or swingboat - something for every taste.

In the meantime, parents can rummage through antiques, crockery and all kinds of bits and bobs in the open-air department store. Especially the rich selection of porcelain makes every woman's heart beat faster. You are spoilt for choice in one of Europe's largest tableware markets with porcelain from the major manufacturers.

simply Auer Dult

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If you are looking for more entertainment, visit the Neuheitengasse. Here, the latest kitchen wonders, which you have certainly always missed in your household, are advertised: from polish to cleaning agents to all kinds of cutting devices.


Dates in 2019:

The "Maidult": 27.04. until 05.05.2019
The "Jakobidult": 27.07. until 04.08.2019
The "Kirchweihdult": 19.10. until 27.10.2019



Photo: Christian Kasper

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