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Creativity in Schwabing: tracing the steps of light sculptures, local heroes and global players. Group walking tour with official City of Munich guides.

Schwabing is where Thomas Mann wrote his homage to Munich: “Munich was shining ...” Back then, the district was a magnet for artists and creative types, as it is today. Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc founded the Blue Rider movement and had their ateliers here, just like Paul Klee and Gabriele Münter. Helmut Dietl filmed the legendary TV series “Munich Stories” here and many stars from the big screen have settled down in the area.

Your guide’s stories and anecdotes will help you to feel part of Schwabing’s evolution, from the bohemians of the Regency period, to the crazy 1970s through to the creative hub it is today. The district is home to the Hans-Bosl-Stiftung, a foundation where young dancers come to prepare for their turn in the spotlight, and Bernd Eichinger’s company Constantin Film AG, which brings its award-winning films to cine­mas around the world.

The team working with inter­nationally renowned designer Ingo Maurer welcomes tours personally and provides an insight into the artist’s light sculptures.

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Discover the creative side of Schwabing on a stroll rich in variety, speak with industry insiders and learn more about Munich as one of the most important cultural and creative places in Europe.

As an add-on to the Schwabing tour, you can also book a tasting session with a guide in the Munich Distillers Bar, which made its name with its renowned Monaco Vodka and the original Rivers Rum, a Bavarian gem.


Photo: Christian Kasper

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Duration 2 hours plus 45 minutes in the Munich Destillers Bar if requested | fee from 165 € for groups up to 15 people | plus 10 € per person for three drinks (vodka, gin, rum) if a tasting session is requested | available in many languages | dates, meeting point and special requests by arrangement

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