Guided tours: individuals

Guided tours for individuals

Explore the Neue Rathaus (New Town Hall) on Marienplatz (St. Mary Square) with an official City of Munich tour guide or take part in a tasting tour on the Viktualienmarkt or Christkindlmarkt. Discover the Auer Dult from your very own point of view or let yourself be shown the hidden world of gardeners, retailers, importers, transport companies and market traders in the main market hall. Guided tours are available for individuals on specific dates.

Guided tours in November

02.11. New Town Hall [de], Viktualienmarkt tasting tour [de]

07.11. Main market hall [de]

08.11. New Town Hall [de]

09.11. New Town Hall [de]

15.11. New Town Hall [de]

16.11. New Town Hall [de]

19.11. Main market hall [de]

23.11. New Town Hall [de]

29.11. New Town Hall [de]

30.11. New Town Hall [de], Christmas market tasting tour [de]


Guided tours in December

04.12. Main market hall [de]

07.12. New Town Hall [de], Christmas market tasting tour [de]

13.12. New Town Hall [de]

14.12. New Town Hall [de], Christmas market tasting tour [de]

20.12. New Town Hall [de]

21.12. New Town Hall [de], Christmas market tasting tour [de]



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