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Discover the traditional folk festival from your very own point of view. With one of our official guides you will discover the special stands and rides to be enjoyed. Of course, you should also feel free to try the delicious specialities!

When strolling through the folk festival situated in the vicinity of the impressive "Mariahilfkirche" church, it offers the perfect opportunity to get to know an important piece of Munich life, because - unlike the world-famous Oktoberfest - this is mainly frequented by locals, who enjoy shopping on the large market, strolling among the antique stalls, taking a walk down "Neuheitengasse" where all sorts of useful things for the home can be found, or where traditional delicacies can be savoured. For the children of Munich, a visit to the "Dult" is an experience, above all for a chance to try their luck at the coconut shy or go on the rides.

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The idea that the "Dult" is one of the oldest festivals of Munich is undisputed: The first traditional fair, the so-called "Jakobidult", was convened as early as 1310 in Anger, where today's "Sankt-Jakobs-Platz" ("St. Jacob's Square") can be found in the city centre. In 1905, the "Auer Dult" came to the "Mariahilfplatz" where it is held three times a year.

With so much choice, it's nice to have a trained tour guide at your side who knows the "Auer Dult" inside out, and who can show you something very special: As you accompany your guide, you get to know some of the "old guard" of the stall owners, who - if not too busy - are always in the mood for a chat. The eloquent and sometimes rather entertaining salespeople will reveal kitchen or household products, or you can perhaps even take a few turns on the traditional rides such as the "Riesenrad" ("big wheel"), which has been a fixture on the "Auer Dult" for almost 100 years.

Given that food and drink play a very important role in this traditional market, why not try some selected specialities with your guide, such as "Stockwurst" (a traditional sausage) brought to you by "Wurst-Michl", which had almost been forgotten, and which in Munich - perhaps rather cruelly - is known as the "white sausage of the poor", as well as hearty and sweet spreads, delicious "Hollersekt" (a light alcoholic drink) or traditional sweets including marzipan, in an almost endless array of variations.

The "Auer Dult" takes place three times a year on the "Mariahilfplatz" in the city's Au district:

Dates in 2019:
The "Maidult": 27.04. until 05.05.2019
The "Jakobidult": 27.07. until 04.08.2019
The "Kirchweihdult": 19.10. until 27.10.2019

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Duration: 2 hours | Fee from EUR 156.00 for groups of up to 18 people | in a foreign language from EUR 151.00 | plus EUR 5.00 per person for sample portions  | Meeting point: On the "Dult", in front of the portal of the "Mariahilfkirche" church, situated on "Mariahilfplatz"

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