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München Tourismus

The metropolis is a feast for the senses, offering so much to see, hear, wonder at and experience.

München Tourismus

München Tourismus is the city’s central tourist organisation and is part of the City of Munich’s Department of Labour and Economic Development. München Tourismus works with its business partners in the private sector and the tourist organisation München TIM e.V to develop marketing and PR campaigns and tourism products in a bid to establish Munich as a destination on the international travel market.

The strategy for achieving this aim is defined by the Tourismuskommission München, a joint undertaking between the city council and the local tourist industry. The objective of the partners involved in this collaboration is to promote quality tourism in Munich. This safeguards the quality of a stay and the quality of life in the city, and ensures acceptance of tourism among the population. München Tourismus acts as a centre of expertise, knowledge and innovation within Munich’s tourism industry; as a link to regional and supra-regional tourist organisations (TOM, BayTM, DZT, MC and many more); and as a professional, neutral advisor to the tourist industry.

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