Taste the strong beer at Nockherberg

A good portion of Bavarian conviviality can be experienced at the Paulaner-Brauerei's strong beer festival on the Nockherberg.

Well-known far beyond the borders of Bavaria is the two-week Salvator tap on the Nockherberg, which is traditionally opened with the "Salvator-Probe" at the end of February/beginning of March.

The "politician-derbleckn" the "big-headed" gets a hearty, but humorous head-washing through the parties according to Bavarian inn style. Only invited guests are allowed to participate. Afterwards, the Nockherberg will open its doors to all the strong beer fans: 17 days of celebration are spent in the Paulaner inn.

Munich has its "fifth" season, the Starkbierzeit, a trick of the Paulaner monks at the beginning of the 17th century. In order to make their already meagre menu and especially the Lent from Ash Wednesday to Easter more pleasant, they brewed their extra strong and high-calorie fasting beer according to the Latin slogan "Liquida non frangunt ieunum" (liquid does not break fasting) and thus legitimized the beer consumption.

The name of the Paulaner strong beer "Salvator" also originated at that time: The brethren of the order gave their beer under the name "Sankt Vater" to the Munichers in honour of their founder, St. Francis of Paula, who later became spoiled to Salvator.



Photo: Paulaner Brauerei