Beer garden at Viktualienmarkt

Munich's most central beer garden

Workers on their lunch break, people meeting for after-work drinks, long-term residents of Munich and visitors from far and wide all meet up in the beer garden at Viktualienmarkt.

You will find an authentic Bavarian beer garden in Viktualienmarkt, right in the heart of Munich. In true Munich style, you can sit in the shade of the chestnut trees and enjoy a Brotzeit (a traditional snack of meat, bread and cheese) while supping on a Maß (litre) of beer or something softer.

As is traditional in Munich beer gardens, you can even bring your own Brotzeit with you. To cultivate this important part of beer garden culture, the beer garden at the Viktualienmarkt is the right place: the market is so varied that there should be something for every taste.

Standing on the base of a fountain in the middle of the garden, a statue of the actor Weiss Ferdl watches over the lively goings on around him. The statue is one of Viktualienmarkt's six fountains of folk singers and comedians.

However, this beer garden is not like all the other beer gardens in the city: the garden in Viktualienmarkt does not belong to a specific brewery and serves beers from all major Munich breweries. The brewery and bar options change every six weeks or so.



Photo: Sven Kolb

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