Königlicher Hirschgarten

Munich's biggest beer garden

Hirschgarten is a large park in the west of Munich. The 40-hectare park is also home to the city’s largest beer garden.

In actual fact, with around 8,000 seats, Königlicher Hirschgarten is the largest beer garden in Bavaria. Its history dates back to 1791, when the Elector Karl Theodor built the Jägerhaus (hunting lodge), a forerunner to today’s beer garden.

As well as traditional specialities, like cool beer (Hirschgarten serves the Augustiner variety), Obazda (a special cheese dish), pretzels or grilled fish, there is another extra special attraction here. Right next door to the beer garden, there is a small wildlife park – a real highlight for children who can get up close to the animals.

Hirschgarten has been one of the most popular day trip destinations for Munichers since the end of the 18th century. In addition to the wildlife reserve, the park also has playgrounds, meadows, BBQ areas or small hills that are ideal for sledging in the winter. Every July, the park also draws in the crowds with its Magdalenenfest event, a small folk festival with fairground rides, sausage specialists and a wide array of stalls for shopping.




Photo: Christian Kasper

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